Top 10 Winter Care CHECKLIST for Skin and Hair
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Top 10 Winter Care CHECKLIST for Skin and Hair

Winter is here and it’s time to care for your skin and hair properly. Due to dramatic changes in the climate affect on your skin and hair. So its always important to have some CHECKLIST for skin and hair. Here are some Top 10 CHECKLIST which you must follow during the winter.

Winter Care Checklist for Skin

Winter Care Checklist for Skin

1.Hydrate – Keep yourself hydrated by drinking a lot of water during winter. Drinking plenty of water helps replace lost moisture.

2.Cleanse- Use hyaluronic acid face wash to cleanse your face. Hyaluronic acid attracts moisture to give brighter and young looking skin.

3.Exfoliate – Reduce uses of facial brush, do not over exfoliate. Use a creamy and hydrating facial scrub that contains hyaluronic acid in it.

4.Moisturize – Harsh wind may hurt your skin so use nutrient rich moisturizer to protect your skin from damage.

5.Serum – Include serum in your skin care routine to treat dry skin.

6.Mist Toner – Mist toner or refreshing facial toner can be your friend during winter to keep your skin refreshed and hydrated.

7.Sunscreen – No matter whether you’re stepping out or not but do not forget to apply sunscreen. It protects your skin from harmful rays and harsh wind.

8. Scrub – Scrubbing is important but do not over scrub. Once a week would be suggested.  Over scrubbing will make your skin irritated and dull looking.

9. Mask – Suggested to use sheet mask. Sheet mask helps to provide moisture to your skin and also makes your skin refreshed and gives natural glow to your skin.

10. Makeup –  Nerve forget to remove makeup. Keeping your makeup for a long time may damage your skin so remove makeup before going to bed.

Winter Care Checklist for Hair

Winter Care Checklist for Hair

1. Oil – Oiling is important to restore the lost natural oils from the scalp. Use coconut, almond, olive oil. These oils are rich in nutrients and provide rich nutrition to your scalp and hair.

2.Shampoo – Do not shampoo your hair everyday. Shampoo your hair once a week. Suggested to use chemical free shampoo.

3.Conditioner – Do not skip to use conditioner during winter. Conditioning your hair weekly once helps to replenish moisture and combat with indoor heating and cold winter winds. 

4.Limit usage of heat – Suggested not to use hair styling tools or hair dryer. During winter hair will be more sensitive so there will be more hair breakage.

5.Coloring – Do not over colour your hair. If you have natural hair then do not over colour it. 

6. Hair Mask – Apply hair mask at least once a week. Hair mask helps to nourish your hair and scalp. Also helps in healthy hair growth.

7. Hair toner –  Use natural toner only whenever your hair feels dry and frizzy. 

8.Use an oil treatment – You can use oil treatment to restore the lost nutrients. Always choose light formula argan oil treatment to repair damaged and dry hair.

9. Avoid frequent hair washes- Over washing your hair will strip out the natural oil so that your hair will become frizz and dry. So wash your hair once a week.

10. Wear a hat – During winter the harsh moisture, dry air, snow, wind and rain may shield your hair so wear a hat as much as possible. Try to wear a silk hat during winter because a woolen or cotton hat may make your hair dry.

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