Natural Hair Mask to Treat Your Scalp and Hair
Hair Care Hair Mask

Natural Hair Mask to Treat Your Hair & Scalp

Say hello to healthy scalp and healthy hair with amazing Natural Hair & Scalp Treatment Mask. Yes, the recent launch from Just herb i. E Just Herbs Shirolepam Hair & Scalp Treatment Mask is one of the best Natural Hair Masks for your scalp and hair. This is one of the best hair masks for all your Hair & Scalp problems. Let us see how this mask is helpful for your hair.

Due to so many reasons like, pollution around us, or due to generation or due to the heating tools which we use for our hair, or due to the hair care products which we use everyday can cause many hair problems like hair fall, dandruff, thin hair, dry hair, split ends, lifeless hair etc. To overcome all these hair problems, a hair mask is must. And using a hair mask not only solves your hair problems but also keeps your scalp clean, clear and dandruff free so that you can have healthy, strong and beautiful hair.

Now let us see what are the benefits of Just Herbs Hair & Scalp Treatment Mask
  1. Nourishes and moisturizes your scalp
  2. Helps to promote hair growth
  3. Helps to maintain scalp pH balance
  4. Controls frizz
  5. Helps to reduce hair loss
  6. Protects hair from damage
  7. Improve the hair texture and appearance
  8. Keeps your scalp healthy
Key ingredients in the Just Herbs Hair & Scalp Treatment Mask is:

1.Amla- Amla in the hair mask helps to improve the blood circulation to the scalp and helps in healthy hair growth.

2.Bhringraj – Helps to nourish dry scalp and also helps in hair regrowth.

3.Shankhpushpi – One of the best ingredients to control hair fall and to promote hair growth.

How to use Just Herbs Hair & Scalp Treatment Mask

  1. First brush your hair thoroughly.
  2. Equally part your hair into small sections.
  3. Scoop out the required amount of hair mask and spread evenly on your fingertips.
  4. Start massaging onto the scalp, then start applying from root to tips.
  5. Wrap your head with a hot wet towel.
  6. Leave it for 20 minutes.
  7. Rinse out the mask followed by natural shampoo.

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