Amla, Banana, Choco, Lime Chai & Apple Bars Healthy Life (1)

Amla, Banana, Choco, Lime Chai & Apple Bars Healthy Life

Who else would not like to try a some energy bar with different flavor? Yes we all definitely get bored of having a single flavor energy bar for a long time. Here are the some best flavor i.e Amla, Banana, Choco, Lime Chai & Apple Bar that you must need to try. These Amla, Banana, Choco, Lime Chai & Apple Bars are not only made with real fruit but they also contain many other nutrients which are very beneficial for health. In this article let us see what are those flavors and its benefits.

1.Nourish Organics Amla Bar

This amla bar contains organic amla, raisin, cashew nut, almond and honey. All these ingredients in the bar are healthy and you can have it any time anywhere. The amla is high in fibre that helps in digestion and weight loss,the nuts, raisin and honey gives taste on every bite. This bar does not contain any preservatives and has zero fat in it.

2.Nourish Organics Banana Oats Bar

Bananas, oats, dates, buckwheat, almonds, walnuts, honey…enriched bars definitely make you want to eat everyday. Because the mouth watering ingredients have multiple benefits for health and good thing about this bar is it does not contain sugar in it. The flaxseed in the bar and banana are good for heart health. So carry it wherever you go and have it whenever you feel hungry.

3.Nourish Organics Choco Oats Bar

Here is another favorite bar from kids to elders because it contains choco in it. Oats and sunflower seeds in the bar have sufficient dietary fiber which helps to keep a healthy diet. You can eat this bar pre workout, post workout and as snacks in the evening. 

4.Nourish Organics Apple Oats Bar

Apple and oats always makes great combination. This bar contains Dehydrated apples, sunflower seeds, almonds, nuts, ots, cinnamon and lemon juice. All these ingredients in the bar help to boost healthy life. Give yourself good care with protein rich bars and enjoy healthy life.

5.Nourish Organics Lime Chia Bar 

Lemon juice, Desiccated coconut powder, chia seeds enriched bar contains 58% fruits, 18% proteins and it is high in fiber. Include this juicy and tasty bar in your diet and enjoy good health.

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