Rice Water Hair Serum vs Onion Hair Serum: Difference Between Onion Hair Serum & Rice Water Serum

Rice Water Hair Serum vs Onion Hair Serum

Rice Water Hair Serum and Onion Hair Serum are the most powerful ingredients to fight most of the hair problems.  But before using them you need to understand which serum to choose based on your hair types. In this article let us see Difference Between Onion Serum & Rice Water Serum.

Difference Between Onion Serum & Rice Water Serum

Si NoOnion Hair SerumRice Water Hair Serum
1Onions are rich in sulfur, potassium and folateRice water is rich in minerals and vitamins 
2Helps to prevent hair fallIncreases shine
3Reduces frizzMakes hair stronger
4Makes hair healthy from withinHelps in hair growth
5Reduces hair breakageDetangles the hair
6Strengthens hair folliclesStrengthens hair roots
7Makes hair softRepairs damaged hair
8Gives natural shine to hairProtects hair from damage
9Good for tames frizzy hairGood for damaged hair
10Can easily achieve tames free and frizz free hairImprove the strength, texture and growth

There are plenty of Rice Water Hair Serum and Onion Hair Serums available in the market. Before buying any hair serum make sure the product is completely free from heartfelt chemicals like paraben, sulfate, minerals. It is also good if the serum is dermatologically tested. Using dermatologically tested hair serum will not have any side effects. You can try mamaearth onion serum and mamaearth rice wonder water serm. Because they are completely free from harmful chemicals and safe to use on all hair types. 

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