Beauty Benefits of Banana Peel for your skin

Beauty Benefits of Banana Peel

Do you know what are the Beauty Benefits of Banana Peel to your skin? Have you ever used Banana Peel to your skin as home remedies? Because banana is not only good for health but also its peel has multiple benefits for skin and hair. Let us see how to use banana peel in different ways.

Banana peel contains a rich amount of Vitamin B6, B12, Magnesium and Potassium because of vitamins it is very useful for skin.

benefits of banana peel for skin

1.Brighten Skin

Applying a banana peel mask to your skin helps to give natural glow to your skin. Enjoy brighter skin everyday with this amazing home remedy.

2.Helps to fade wrinkles

Does your skin look aged ? Take banana peel and rub it smoothly onto your skin for 2 minutes to get wrinkle free and young looking skin.

3.Helps to whiten teeth

Give that diamond shine to your teeth with banana peel. Rubbing banana peel directly to your teeth helps to whiten and keeps your teeth fresh.

4.Helps to reduce puffiness

Placing banana peel on closed eyes will help to reduce puffiness and also good for dark undereyes.

5.Can be used to reduce pimples

Apply a pinch of banana peel paste to acne and leave it for sometime to get acne free face.

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