Henna Hair Cream and Coconut Hair Cream for Extra Hair Nourishment
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Henna Hair Cream & Coconut Hair Cream for Extra Hair Nourishment

Henna & Coconut Hair Cream – Why do you need to apply hair cream? 4 reasons to apply hair cream is to strengthen hair roots, to reduce hair fall, to condition your hair and to promote hair growth. So once a week it’s always important to use hair cream.

Now why do you need to use henna hair cream and coconut hair cream?

Henna not only makes your hair thick but also it acts as a very good conditioner for your hair. Henna also acts as safeguard to protect your hair from damage. Regular use of henna helps to get thick and strong hair by locking the moisture in the hair.

And the coconut is one of the best well known ingredients for hair nourishment . The natural fatty acids in the coconut will help to provide extreme moisture to your hair. Coconut also keeps your scalp away from dry and it also acts as a conditioner for damaged hair.

Now why you need to choose Solimo Henna Hair Cream and Solimo Coconut Hair Cream 

  • These creams are non sticky
  • Contains no paraben
  • Good for hair health
  • Easy to apply
  • Does not contains Phthalate

Now let us see the benefits of this creams

Amazon Brand – Solimo Henna Hair Cream

Enjoy extra nourished and extract healthy hair with Solimo Henna Hair Cream. This cream contains henna extract and coconut oil. Both the ingredients in this hair cream helps to get healthy and strong hair. Henna helps to improve scalp health and tears dandruff. And coconut helps to get shiny, luster and soft hair. This non sticky hair mask helps to prevent hair splitting and helps to nourish hair completely.

Amazon Brand – Solimo Coconut Hair Cream

This hair cream is enriched with coconut oil and the coconut oil helps to promote healthy and strong hair. This coconut cream is very light and has a velvety texture so you can apply this cream easily. Enjoy multiple hair benefits with the goodness of coconut cream. 

How to apply Hair Cream?

  1. From your finger scoop a small amount of hair cream
  2. Rud it with your palm to spread the cream evenly
  3. Then apply it on your damp hair

Note – you can apply this hair cream before or after the shampoo. If you are applying before shampoo then use it as hair oil.

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