Step by Step Guide to How to Use Cleanser, Moisturizer and Sunscreen to Your Face
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How to Use Cleanser, Moisturizer & Sunscreen to Your Face

Cleanser, Moisturizer and Sunscreen are the 3 products which we always use in our skin care routine everyday but we never follow the proper process or steps to use them. In this article I am going to explain how to use Cleanser, Moisturizer and Sunscreen to Your Face everyday. 


No matter which type of cleanser you’re using for your skin, always try to use chemical free cleansers and use cleansers according to your skin type. Nowadays you can find plenty of natural face cleansers in the market so enjoy good looking skin with the best cleanser.

How to use cleanser for face?

  1. Wet your face with cold water or lukewarm water.
  2. Take 2 drops of face cleanser on your palm.
  3. Spread cleanser on your palm using both the hands.
  4. Then apply it all over the face.
  5. Massage your face with fingertips in circular motion.
  6. Wash it off with cold or lukewarm water.

Following the above 6 steps will help to cleanse your face properly to eliminate unwanted impurities and dust. So that you can enjoy beautiful and youthful skin. Do not use hot water to wash your face, because hot water can make your face dry and irritated so suggested to use cold or lukewarm water.


No matter which season it is, rainy season, or winter or summer season but moisturizer is must during all the season. But according to season you must need to change your moisturizer. Like shea butter, coconut and aloe vera moisturizer are good during the winter season. So use moisturizer which gives deep hydration and nourishment to your skin. 

How to use Moisturizer for Face?

  1. Squeeze a coin sized amount of moisturizer into palm.
  2. Warm up moisturizer by using both the hands.
  3. Apply to your cheeks, forehead and rest of your face, massage gently in circular motion.
  4. You can also apply to your neck.

Suggest not use sticky and greasy moisturizer to your face. Sticky and greasy moisturizer will produce more oil so that your skin will start becoming oily and also you may get blemishes on your face so try to use non sticky and non greasy face moisturizer.


Some of us will not use sunscreen during winter or rainy season but no matter whether you’re stepping out or not but it’s always important to use sunscreen during all the season. Sunscreen not only protects your skin from harmful rays but also protects your skin from damage. Use sunscreen which has water resistance and good SPF property.

How to use sunscreen?

  1. First things do not apply sunscreen directly to a cleansed face or skin.
  2. After applying moisturizer, take small amount of sunscreen in your finger tip.
  3. Apply dots, all over the face, neck, hands and legs.
  4. Massage it in circular motion.
  5. Do not rub, massage smoothly until the sunscreen is absorbed into the skin.
  6. Use sunscreen daily, and do not forget to apply before you go out in the sun everyday.

Use sunscreen which is safe for your skin. before applying directly to your skin do a patch taste. Because some sunscreen contains harmful chemicals which may cause irritation and allergies. Avoid sunscreen with fragrance, alcohol and with added preservatives. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock is one of the best sunscreen which you can use everyday.

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