Top 5 Ayurvedic Herbs to Protect Against Pollution
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Top 5 Ayurvedic Herbs to Protect Against Pollution

Pollution is one of the biggest problems nowadays that everybody is facing. Pollution not only spoils our health but also it makes lives difficult. So when it comes to our health we must need to take care of it properly. Here are the Top 5 Ayurvedic Herbs to Protect Against Pollution. These Ayurvedic Herbs are available easily at your home so start consuming 5 Ayurvedic Herbs everyday and stay safe from pollution.


neem to eliminate pollution from the body

The taste of neem is bitter but the benefits are many for our health. So at least twice or thrice every week chew 3 to 4 fresh neem leaves. Eating 3 to 4 neem leaves twice or thrice a week helps to purify blood and strengthen lymph nodes which works as filters for harmful air particles. Or else if you do not want to consume directly you can make juice of it and drink once a week, for sweetness you can add honey to it(if needed only).


tulsi to eliminate toxins from the body

Tulsi is one of  the well known plants and which is available very easily in everybody’s house. Yes, eating 5 to 6 fresh tulsi leaves everyday early morning with an empty stomach will help to flush out toxins from our body and helps to improve blood circulation. You can also boil 3 to 5 leaves in half cup water and drink it everyday in the morning. 


turmeric to eliminate the toxins from the body

Turmeric not only boosts your immunity but also keeps your body detoxified. Consuming 1 inch of peeled and fresh turmeric with a 1/4th of water and 1 tbsp lemon will help to prevent infection and inflammation. Alternative method is add 2 tbsp turmeric powder into a half glass of milk and drink it everyday before going to bed. 

4.Aloe Vera

aloe vera juice to eliminate the toxins from the body

Aloe vera is not only good for skin and hair but consuming aloe vera juice once a week will help to cleanse the body. Aloe vera juice cleanses the intestines which helps to keep our bowel movement smooth and healthy. Take 1 glass of water, add 1 tbsp lemon juice to it, add fresh and peeled 3 to 4 tablespoon aloe vera into it, grind it properly and drink it once a week.


ginger juice to eliminate the toxins from the body

Eating a small piece of ginger from your kitchen everyday helps to prevent cell damage. Ginger helps to treat nausea, indigestion, menstrual cramps and also regulates the blood sugar level. You can directly eat 1 inch of ginger with an empty stomach or you can boil 1 inch of grated ginger in 1 glass of water and drink it everyday morning. Even you can add 1/2tbsp honey and lemon juice to it.

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