Curry Leaf Hair Oil For Hair Growth & Hair Fall Control
Hair Care Hair Oil

Curry Leaf Hair Oil For Hair Growth & Hair Fall Control

Curry leaf is considered as one of the oldest and great ingredients for Hair Growth & Hair Fall Control due to its amazing antioxidant properties. Along with Hair Growth & Hair Fall Control it also has many scalp benefits like moisturizes scalp, controls dandruff, makes hair root strong and also helps to get shiny strong hair. Let us see the benefits of curry leaves for hair, how to use them and which are the best curry leaf hair oil in india.

Benefits of Curry Leaves for Hair

  1. Helps in hair growth
  2. Moisturizes scalp
  3. Helps to remove dead hair follicles
  4. Helps to prevent hair loss
  5. Keeps your scalp away from dandruff and itchy
  6. Does not make your hair thin
Best Curry Leaf Hair Oil in India for Hair Growth and Hair Fall

1.Dazel Curry Leaf Hair Oil

This hair oil comes with a comb applicator so that you can apply this oil easily from root to tip. The rich ingredient in the oil i.e the curry leaves helps to get healthy, gorgeous and thick hair. Regular application of this hair oil helps to control hair fall, tangling, dry hair, thin hair, dry scalp and dandruff. You can also apply this oil to eyebrows and eyelashes.


  • Helps to reduce hair fall
  • Controls the dandruff
  • Minimizes hair breakage and thinning

How to use curry leaf /curry leaves hair oil

  1. Take the required amount of curry leaf oil in your hand.
  2. Warm up the oil with the use of both the hands.
  3. Then start applying from scalp to hair tip.
  4. Massage with fingertips for 4 to 5 minutes to penetrate deeply into your scalp.
  5. For better results leave it for overnight, you can use shower cap to cover your head.
  6. In the morning rinse the oil with mild shampoo.
  7. Apply twice a week for healthy and strong hair.
  8. Suggested to use a comb applicator.

2.PreVeda Khadi Curry Leaf Hair Oil

This hair oil is ideal for strong, healthy and beautiful hair. Applying this hair oil helps to keep your scalp healthy. If you are suffering from scalp infection or scalp acne then this is the perfect hair oil which you can include in your hair care routine. Along with healthy hair this oil helps to improve the blood circulation.


  • Helps to get strong and healthy hair
  • Prevents hair thinning
  • Removes the impurities from scalp and hair
  • Keeps your scalp clean
  • Strengthens the hair follicles
  • Controls the appearance of flakes

How to Use Preveda Curry Leaf Hair Oil

  1. Part your hair into small sections.
  2. Apply curry leaf oil all over the scalp.
  3. Gently massage the scalp with your hands.
  4. Leave it for 1 hour or you can leave it for overnight.
  5. Wash it off with lukewarm water, use natural shampoo.

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