Do’s and Don’ts for Dry Skin During Winter 2020
Dry Skin Skin Care

Do’s and Don’ts for Dry Skin During Winter 2020

The harsh winter may make your skin more dry during winter so here are some Do’s and Don’ts which you must follow for dry skin during winter 2020. Follow the below Do’s and Don’ts and enjoy smooth and soft skin all the day.

Due to many reason we do not follow the proper skin care routine, so because of that you may face many skin care problems, so when it comes to winter it is most important to follow the skin care routine. Because the harsh winter may cause many skin problems. Here are the skin care do’s for dry skin during winter 2020 which you need to follow.

SI NODo’s for Dry Skin During WinterDon’ts for Dry Skin During Winter
1Cleanse your face with cold waterDo not use hot water
2Use natural face cleanserAvoid cleanser which contains chemical in it
3Use soft towel to pat dryUsing rough towel may cause skin irritation
4Apply skin moisturizing face creamDo not use moisturizer more than twice a day 
5Do not forget to apply sunscreenDo not choose sunscreen with more than 50spf
6Use face toner whenever your skin feels drySo not use alcohol face toner
7Include face serum in your skin care routineDo not use face serum in the morning, suggested to use before going to bed
8Use face mask twice a weekSuggested to use charcoal face mask
9Use face scrubber once a weekDo not over scrub
10Give hot steam to your face once in monthAvoid heavy hot steam
11Use natural skin care productsDo not use products with parabens and sulfate
12Drink lot of water to keep yourself hydratedDo not skin drinking water 

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