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Top 10 Skin Care Guide to Follow in 2023 For All Skin Types

Skin Care Guide – 2023 is already started so you need to go through some Skin Care Guide because keeping your skin healthy and happy is very important nowadays. In this article I am going to list some Skin Care Guide For All Skin Types, which will definitely help you to keep your skin healthy, beautiful and young looking.

1.Wash your face at least twice a day

You can wash your face more than twice a day but keep in mind that at least you must need to wash your face two times a day. Washing your face twice a day helps to remove impurities, dust and tan from your skin. To wash your face never use warm water instead of that you can use cold or lukewarm water. Using warm water may cause skin irritation and dryness , so avoid hot water for the face. Washing your face with lukewarm or cold water helps to give glow to your skin.

2.Use Natural Skin Care Products

Face wash, face cream, face toner, face moisturizer, face serum etc.. Whatever you use for your skin must be free from harmful chemicals. Because the chemicals in the skin care products may cause many skin problems. So avoid products which contain harmful chemicals. You can choose natural skin care products. Best ingredients which you can choose for your skin are vitamin c, tea tree, argan, onion, neem, charcoal, turmeric etcc.. All these natural ingredients are very beneficial for skin and do not have any skin problem. You can choose the ingredients according to your skin types.

3.Use Face Mask Once a Week

Sunday or Friday is the best time to use a face mask. Because using a face mask once a week helps to remove blackheads, whiteads, impurities and dust from the face. And why I am suggesting to use face masks on weekends is because you can say goodbye to dull and tired skin. The beast face mask which you can use for your skin is charcoal face mask, vitamin c face mask, tea tree face mask and ubtan face mask. This face mask also protects your skin from harmful rays and also gives natural glow to your skin.

4. Use Face Scrub Once/Twice a Week

This doesn’t take much time so you can use this twice a week. Using face scrub helps to exfoliate your skin and also helps to remove dead skin. Exfoliation not only removes dead skin but also helps to keep your skin fresh and healthy.  Apricot, coffee, ubtan, charcoal, papaya face scrub are the best face scrub which you can use in 2023.

5.Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Like our body we need to keep our skin hydrated. Keeping skin hydrated helps to give healthy and supple skin. You can use sheet mask, face toner, face serum to keep your skin hydrated naturally. Also you must need to drink more water. Or you can apply cucumber, curd, honey, avocado face mask for better hydration.

6. Give Hot Steam Once in while

Do not give excess hot steam to your skin but mild hot steam is good for your face. Steam helps to open the pores and helps to lose buildups so that your skin feels free from deep seated dirt. And also controls the blackheads and whiteheads. Hot steam is also good for blood circulation.

7.Do Not Skip Sunscreen

No matter whether it is summer, winter or rainy season, sunscreen is must in all the season. Applying sunscreen not only protects your skin from harmful rays but also protects skin from free radical damage. Apply water resistant sunscreen when you’re stepping out from home. Also choose sunscreen with better spf and pa++.

8. Try to Use Face Pack Once in While

Try to use home made face pack once in while. If you have more time you can use once a week. There are many natural face packs available. Like curd, honey, cucumber face pack you can use. Using face pack helps to remove excess oil from the skin by making it soft and supple.

9.   Do Not Skip Face Serum

Keep your skin away from fine lines, wrinkles, and ageing with face serum. Keep a habit of applying face serum before going to bed every night. Choose Vitamin C, Hyrolinoic , Green Tea Vitamin E face serum for better skin nourishment. Face serum also helps to protect skin from sun damage and pollution.

10.  Eat Healthy Food, Exercise Well 

The food which we eat in our everyday lives not only matters for our health but also keeps our skin, hair and overall health healthy. Eat fruits, vegetables, spouts and drink more water everyday also include water rich foods in your diet. Also exercise is very important. Doing exercise everyday helps to supply proper blood to all the skin cells and also fights with free radicals.

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