Red Vine Face Scrub with Mulberry Extract & Aloe For Tan Removal & Glowing Skin
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Red Wine Face Scrub For Tan Removal & Glowing Skin

Do you know the benefits of red wine for skin? The antioxidant in the red vine is very beneficial for anti ageing and skin tanning. Applying red vine to your skin helps to boost the collagen production and reduces fine lines so that you can achieve younger looking and beautiful skin. Now let us see how you can use Red Wine Face Scrub and which Red Wine Face Scrub is good for skin? 

Pilgrim brand has recently launched a wonderful product to fight with anti aging, that is Pilgrim Red Vine Face Scrub. This face scrub also contains mulberry extract and aloe vera . So these 3 ingredients in the scrub are very beneficial for your skin.

Benefits of Red Wine Face Scrub

1.Helps to Exfoliate and De Tan the skin

Exfoliating your skin with red wine scrub helps to remove dead skin cells, unwanted tan and blackheads. You will fall in love with the texture and the aroma of the scrub. It increases the blood circulation to your skin by exfoliating deeply so which leads to collagen production. Higher collagen production will make your skin younger looking.

2.Cleanses Deeply to make your skin brighter

The reason it cleanse deeply is to remove the excess oil, dirt, impurities and pollution particles. Due to all this your face looks dull and tired. To get rid of this unwanted impurities from the skin this scrub cleanses your skin deeply. So that you can achieve bright, faire and clear skin. 

3.Contains natural ingredients

This face scrub does not contains harmful chemicals. It contains only rich natural ingredients. This wine face scrub is very safe to use for dry, normal, oily, sensitive and combination skin.

5 reason to use Red Wine Face Scrub

  1. Removes dead skin cells form the skin
  2. Fights with anti aging problems
  3. Detoxifies dull and tired skin
  4. Reduces blackheads and whiteheads
  5. Gives bright and younger looking skin

How to Use Pilgrim Red Vine Face Scrub

  1. Cleanse your face with natural face wash.
  2. Take the required amount of face scrub in fingertips and apply it all over the face.
  3. Massage gently in circular motion for 2  minutes.
  4. Then rinse it off with water.
  5. Follow up with toner, day cream and sunscreen.
  6. Use twice a week for the best result.

Q & A Related to Red Vine Face Scrub

1.Does red wine face scrub is suitable for oily skin?

Yes it is suitable for dry, oily, normla, combination and sensitive skin.

2.Is Red Vine Face Scrub harmful for skin?

No it is not harmful for skin, but do a patch test before applying directly to your face.

3.Does Red Wine Face Scrub really make skin brighter?

Yes, applying red wine face scrub twice a week helps to make your skin brighter and glowing.

4.Is red wine face scrub good for de tan?

Yes the powerful antioxidant in the red wine fights with tan and pigmentation.

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