Steamer vs Peel Off Mask for Skin & Which is Best
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Steamer vs Peel Off Mask for Skin & Which is Best

Steamer vs Peel – Nowadays many people are using peel off masks to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads but do you know using peel off masks continuously will make your skin lose so that your skin may start becoming aged or wrinkled. But using a steamer has many benefits not only for skin but also for health. So in the article let us see the difference between a steamer and peel off mask(Steamer vs Peel).

Steamer vs Peel Off Mask

Steamer vs Peel Off Mask
Si NoSteamerPeel Off Mask
1Easy to use Bit scary to use
2Removes deep seated impurities and dirt from the poresRemoves blackheads and whiteheads
3Does not hurt your skin while using May hurt your skin while using
4It is also good for healthDoes not have any health benefits
5Keeps your skin away from wrinkles and fine linesYour skin may get wrinkles and fine lines after using long time
6Does not consume more time May takes time to use
7Your skin feels fresh and healthy after using steamerYour skin may feel itchy and irritated after removing the peel off mask
8Keeps bacterial growth in controlMay cause bacterial growth
9Reduces acneCannot be used for acne skin
10Good for dark under eye and puffy eyesNot good for under eyes and puffy eyes
11Exfoliates skin from withinDoes not have exfoliating properties
12Can be used once a weekCan be used twice a month
131 steamer can last for 3 to 4 years so it is one time investment or not cost consumingYou many need to use many peel off mask so its cost consuming
14Price may vary between 400 to 1000Price may vary between 300 to 600

So knowing the difference I would suggest you to use a steamer instead of peel off mask. But once in a while it is ok to use a peel off mask but do not use it regularly. Steamer has plenty of benefits for skin and health so choose it and enjoy 2 in 1 benefits.

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