How to Take Care of Your Hair During Rainy Season 2021
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How to Take Care of Your Hair During Rainy Season 2023

Monsoon is one the favorite season for all of us not only because of rain but we all love to enjoy cold climate, greenery around us and fresh weather. The important thing During the Rainy Season is you should not miss to take care of your hair, if you don’t care for your hair during the rainy season you may face many hair problems like hair fall, dry hair, dull hair etc.. To avoid that here are some tips which you need to follow During Rainy Season 2023.

1.Wash your hair twice a week

Many people frequently do not wash their hair during monsoon but suggested washing your hair at least twice a week .  Many harmful particles or the bad weather may cause hair problems so it’s always important to wash your hair twice a week.

2.Use lukewarm water to wash your hair

Do not use very hot or very cold water. Use lukewarm water. Using hot water may take out all the moisture or natural oil from the scalp so use lukewarm water.

3.Suugsted to Use Natural Hair care products

It’s important to use natural hair care products because the harmful chemicals like paraben , sulfate are very harmful to hair. They may cause many hair problems so you need to use natural hair care products to your hair.

4.Do not skip conditioner

Many people do not use conditioner during monsoon but do not skin it. Conditioner helps to keep your hair healthy and shiny. Suggested to use rich moisturizing conditioner during monsoon.

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5. Oil your Hair Twice a week

Use rich scalp moisturizing oil to your hair during monsoon. No matter which season it is, oiling your hair is very important to get beautiful and gorgeous hair.

6. Hair mask is must

You can apply hair mask 15 days once at least. Applying hair masks helps to get healthy scalp and also keeps your hair healthy. 

7.Use Soft towel for hair

After washing your hair to pat dry use a soft towel or even you can use your old t-shirt . Do not use a hair dryer during monsoon.

8. Reduces usages of heating products

During monsoon your hair will be very soft and smooth so try to reduce heating tools like, hair strainer, dryer hair curler etc. 

9. If possible cut your hair

Short hair is always easy to maintain, so if possible cut your hair during monsoon.

10. Eat healthy foods

You need to eat vegetables, fruits, nuts, sprouts etc. Eating healthy food not only helps for your hair but also helps you to stay healthy and happy.

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