Minimalist Hair Growth Actives 18% Hair Serum for Hair Fall Control
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Minimalist Hair Growth Actives 18% Hair Serum for Hair Fall Control

You might be tired of hair fall, thin hair and dull hair? Now the best product is here to control hair fall that is Minimalist Hair Growth Actives 18% Hair Serum. Minimalist recently launched an amazing hair serum which controls hair fall and helps in hair growth. So let us see how it is helpful for hair.

Why is Hair Serum Important?

Before going through the product let us see why hair serum is needed? Hair serum is important to give your hair extra shine, to reduce frizz, and enhance the natural texture of your hair and to protect your hair from environmental damage. So there are plenty of hair serum available in the market, you can purchase according to your hair concern, so this hair serum is specially for hair fall control.

Minimalist Hair Growth Actives 18% Hair Serum

This hair serum contains 5 proven and super potent ingredients that are Capixyl 5% + Redensyl 3% + Procapil 3% + Anagain 3% + Baicapil 4% . All these ingredients in the serum helps to show the result within 4 week and you can see hair growth by 8th week. This serum is safe to use and does not have any side effects for scalp or hair. You can use this serum everyday. Best part is this serum is suitable for men and women. Those who have oily, dry, normal or combination scalp they can also prefer this serum without worrying any side effects. So enjoy beautiful and healthy hair with this amazing hair serum.

Benefits of Minimalist Hair Growth Actives 18% Hair Serum

  • Helps to reduce hair fall
  • Helps in healthy hair growth
  • Add thickness and density to hair
  • Strengthen your hair roots
  • Men can use it for healthy beard growth
  • Safe to use
  • Can be used everyday
  • You can see the effective result in 4 weeks

Ingredients in the Minimalist Hair Growth Serum

  1. Capixyl 5%  – Reduces hair fall
  1. Redensyl 3% –Promotes hair growth
  1. Procapil 3% –Strengthens hair follicles
  1. Anagain 3%  – Reduces hair loss
  1. Baicapil 4% – Increases A/T ratio

How to Use Minimalist Hair Growth Actives 18% Hair Serum

  1. Take 1ml hair serum in your palm .
  2. Gently part and apply all over the clean and dry scalp.
  3. Leave it overnight.
  4. In the morning wash it with mild shampoo.

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