Top 10 Monsoon Skin Care Tips to Follow in 2021

Top 10 Monsoon Skin Care Tips to Follow in 2021

Top 10 Monsoon Skin Care Tips  – Do you want to enjoy Monsoon? But worried about your skin or still confused about what skin care essentials need to be used during the monsoon.  Then this article is for you. Yes, taking care of your skin is very important during the monsoon because harsh rain, harsh wind or harsh weather may cause many skin problems so to protect your skin from harsh rains here are the Top 10 Monsoon Skin Care Tips which you need to follow.

Tip 1. Use Skin Moisturizing Shower Gel or Body Wash

In the rainy season I suggested not to use soap. Because some soaps are not good for skin, after using a soap your skin may start peeling or it may start becoming dry. To avoid that use shower gel or body wash. There are many natural and rich moisturizing body wash products available in the market so use them. StBotanica Moroccan Argan Oil Ultra Nourishing Body Wash i would like to recommend .

Tip 2. Do not forget to apply body body lotion or body butter

Many people do not apply body lotion or body butter but during the monsoon do not skip it. To give extra nourishment and extra  moisturizing body lotion is a must. Applying body lotion not only protects your skin but also makes your skin smooth and soft. The body lotions like coconut body lotion, argan oil body lotion, almond body lotion are the best to use. Because the ingredients in this body lotion helps to keep your skin nourished as long as.

Tip 3.Wash your face with only natural face wash

Yes when it comes to face, you must need to  be very careful while choosing the products. Because many face washes are harmful for skin. Choose face wash which contains only natural ingredients in it. Suggested to use face wash which has neem, tea tree, apple cider vinegar, coconut etc.  Using natural face wash everyday helps to keep your skin fresh and younger looking without causing any skin damage.

Tip 4. Use skin nourishing face cream

In the rainy season you have to use skin nourishing face cream . Because the harsh wind or harsh rain may stripe out the natural oils from the skin so that skin starts becoming dry and dull. To avoid that use skin nourishing face cream. The Good Vibes Avocado Moisturizing Face Cream is one of the best and cost worth face cream which you can add to your skin care routine.

Tip 5. Do not skip the sunscreen

Many people avoid applying sunscreen during the rainy season. But the bad rays coming out from the cloud may damage your skin. To protect from unwanted rays and harsh wind sunscreen is a must. Use sunscreen which is waterproof, non sticky and non greasy. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen the well known and most effective sunscreen you can use in the rainy season.

Tip 6.Tone your skin at least once a day

Do you know in the rainy season or monsoon many people will not carry toner or they do not use toner. But have you ever noticed your skin becoming dry and itchy in the monsoon. Yes the harsh wind makes your skin dry and irritated to avoid using face toner. Using face toner during the rainy season helps to hydrate your skin and keeps away from dry and irritated skin. Cucumber or rose toner is the best toner to use during the monsoon.

Tip 7. Include face serum in the skin care routine

To give extra nourishment, extra glow and extra healthiness to your skin you must need to use face serum. Applying face serum helps to keep your skin brighter, healthier and younger. Include Minimalist 5% Niacinamide Face Serum in your skin care routine and enjoy beautiful and younger looking skin.

Tip 8.Never skip to remove makeup

No matter whether you are tired or lazy, do not forget to remove your makeup. Keeping makeup overnight may cause skin problems so to avoid that you should not forget to remove makeup. Use natural makeup remover like rose makeup remover or tea tree makeup remover.

Tip 9. Eat healthy food and drink lot of water

During rainy days many people love to have fried , hot food but reduce eating more fried food and eat healthy foods like vegetables and fruits. Along with that do not forget to drink more water. To keep yourself hydrated you must drink 4 to 5 liter water daily no matter whether it is the rainy season or summer season.

Tip 10. Exercise everyday

The cold climate may make you sleep longer but exercise is a must. Doing exercise helps to keep you healthy and also it is very good for skin. More you workout, the more you look. So keep the habit of doing exercise everyday.

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