Urban Botanics Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Black Seed Oil & Jojoba Oil Review
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Urban Botanics Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Black Seed Oil & Jojoba Oil Review

Urban Botanics Hair Oil  – You might be using a lot of hair oil for your hair but have ever tried the best range from Urban Botanics. If not you must need to try their hair oil range because they have amazing natural hair oils with plenty of hair benefits. Let us see the benefits of Urban Botanics Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Black Seed Oil & Jojoba Oil Review.

1.Urban Botanics Almond Oil

Give your hair almond care with Urban Botanics Almond Oil. We all know that almond is one of the best ingredients to promote healthy hair growth because it contains rich nutrients and magnesium in it. Almond not only helps in healthy hair growth but also it is good for scalp. Now let us see the benefits of this almond oil.


  1. Best part of this almond oil is you can use it for skin and hair
  2. When you apply it your hair it promotes healthy hair growth, reduces dandruff, hydrates and nourishes the scalp and makes hair strong from the root to tip
  3. When you apply it to your skin it makes it enhances natural color of the skin, makes skin soft and smooth, reduces sunburn and keeps your skin healthy
  4. Even you can apply this oil to eyebrows and eyelashes to get dark and thick hair

Other uses of almond oil

  • Can be sued during meditation and aromatherapy
  • Can be applied on dark circles
  • You can use it in body massage oil

2.Urban Botanics Olive Oil

Due to its rich moisturizing properties in the olive oil it is considered as one of the best oils to soften and strengthen hair by preventing the hair shaft and moisture from the scalp. And when you apply olive oil to your skin it prevents premature aging. The ubran botanics olive oil is made with pure olives. Applying it to your hair helps to protect the keratin in hair and seals the moisture. It also helps to make hair healthier and stronger. If you use heating tools to your hair regularly then use olive oil to manage your hair. Applying olive oil to your skin helps hydrates and prevents dryness. You can especially use it during the winter season.

Benefits of Olive oil for Hair & Skin

  • Helps to retain moisture of the hair
  • Strengthens hair
  • Keeps your skin hydrated
  • Moisturizes skin
  • Makes skin supple and lustrous
  • Does not make your scalp dry
  • Maintain skin elasticity

3.Urban Botanics Jojoba Oil

Enjoy nourishing skin, hydrated scalp and healthy nails with this amazing jojoba oil. When you apply this oil to your skin it keeps skin moisturized and antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties in the oil helps to fight with sun damage. It maintains the scalp health and reduces dandruff. It also helps in healthy hair growth. 

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Benefits of Jojoba Oil for Hair & Skin

  • Rich in essential fatty acids
  • Promotes healthy lifestyle
  • Helps to retain shine and moisture of the skin
  • Good for skin and nails
  • Maintains the skin elasticity
  • Gives youthful skin
  • Minimizes scars
  • Reduces dandruff

4.Urban Botanics Kalonji Oil

This oil is full of nutrients and vitamins which works great for skin and hair. You can also apply this oil to acne and scars to maintain the natural skin. If you have excess hair fall then include this oil in your hair care routine. Anti inflammatory properties in the black seed oil also has many health benefits.

Benefits of Kalonji Oil for Skin & Hair

  • Helps to maintain healthy skin
  • Strengthens hair
  • Maintain youthful and glowing skin
  • Removes dirt and blackheads
  • Helps to get longer and stronger hair

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