Experience the luxury bath with Mamaearth Natural Soap , mamaearth soap review

Experience the Luxurious bath with Mamaearth Natural Soap

Mamaearth Natural Soap – Let your skin enjoy the goodness of natural ingredients with mamaearth soap. Mamaearth recently launched an amazing soaps that is mamaearth turmeric & saffron soap, mamaearth coffee & cocoa soap, mamaearth tea tree & neem soap, mamaearth vitamin c and honey soap and mamaearth charcoal. These are India’s first sulfate free soap and have amazing benefits for skin. let us see more about these soaps.

1.Mamaearth Ubtan Nourishing Bathing Soap With Turmeric & Saffron

Combination of turmeric and saffron works well on all skin types. The rich antioxidant properties in the turmeric helps to soothe the skin and adds the natural glow to your skin. Saffron helps to reduce the sign of aging and prevents your skin from sun damage. It also helps to brighten your skin. Walnut in the soap helps to exfoliate the dead skin cells and impurities.

Benefits of mamaearth Turmeric & Saffron soap

  • Helps to remove tan
  • Exfoliate the skin
  • Enriched with 76% TFM
  • Sulfate free
  • No toxins and no harmful chemicals

2.mamaearth CoCo Nourishing Bathing Soap with Coffee & Cocoa

Let your skin enjoy the goodness of coffee and cocoa with this amazing mamaearth soap. 3 powerfull ingredients in the soap not only makes your skin soft and smooth but also you will fall in love with the amazing fragrance of coffee. The rich coffee extract in the soap helps to hydrate your skin and increases the skin elasticity. Cocoa butter heals the chapped skin and provides deep moisturization. Glycerin helps to retain the skin’s moisture and relieves the dryness. 

Benefits of mamaearth Coffee & Cocoa Soap

  • Deeply cleanses your skin
  • Good for chapped skin
  • Increases the skin elasticity
  • Retains the skin moisture

3.mamaearth Tea Tree Nourishing Bathing Soap With Tea Tree and Neem

We all know tea trees and neem are very good for acne skin. Those who have acne or itchy skin include this soap in your bathing routine. Tea tree oil in the soap helps to soothe and promotes fresh and clean skin. Neem helps to moisturize your skin and makes it healthier. Glycerin helps to retains the moisture and relive the dryness.

Benefits of mamaearth tea tree & neem soap

  • Good for acne skin
  • Makes your skin soothe, fresh and clean
  • Nourishes skin deeply
  • Relieves dryness
  • Increases the hydration

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4.mamaearth Vitamin C Nourishing Bathing Soap With Vitamin C and Honey 

Give your skin the goodness of honey and turmeric with mamaearth vitamin and honey soap. The rich antioxidant properties in the vitamin c helps to neutralize oxidative damage caused by sun, free radicals and pollution. It also helps to get natural and glowing skin. Honey keeps your skin moisturized and also promotes skin healing. 

Benefits of mamaearth vitamin c and honey soap

  • Protects skin from free radical damage
  • Deeply moisturizes skin
  • Retains the moisture
  • Increases the skin hydration
  • Reviles the dryness

5.mamaearth Charcoal Nourishing Bathing Soap With Charcoal and Mint 

Keep your skin cool and calm with mamaearth mint and charcoal soap. Charcoal in the soap helps to remove deep seated impurities and the cooling effect in the mint oil helps to soothe irritated skin and inflammation. Glycerin hydrates and moisturizes skin. 

Benefits of mamaearth Charcoal and Mint Soap

  • Removes the impurities and dirt from the skin
  • Helps to remove dead skin cells
  • Soothe irritated skin
  • Calms and cools the skin

Why mamaearth soaps?

  1. Because mamaearth soaps are indias first sulfate free soaps
  2. Are made with natural ingredients
  3. Suitable for all skin types
  4. Has amazing skin benefits
  5. Cruelty free
  6. No parabens, SLS/SLES and harmful chemicals

How to Use Mamaearth Soap?

  1. Apply the soap on your wet body and gently massage until lather forms up.
  2. Then rinse it off with water.
  3. You can also use loofah to massage your skin.

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