Top 5 Ingredients to Include for Happy and Healthy Hair
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Top 5 Ingredients to Include for Happy and Healthy Hair

Top 5 Ingredients to Include – Having a Healthy, shiny and Beautiful hair is a dream of every girl. Then let us see what are those Top 5 Ingredients which you can use to get Happy and Healthy Hair.


Coconut is one of the well known and best ingredients for hair. It has multiple benefits for hair, skin and health. This ingredient is one of the best ingredients to get natural, healthy, soft and smooth hair in a natural way. There are plenty of hair care products which are made with coconut like coconut hair oil, coconut shampoo, coconut hair mask, coconut hair spray. Use the products which contain coconut as its main ingredient and enjoy happy and healthy hair.


Onion not only makes your food tasty but also makes your hair healthy and strong.Using 4 to 5 onions from your kitchen once every week to your hair helps to get strong hair. Using onion juice to your hair helps to reduce greying, increases blood circulation to hair which leads to healthy hair growth. Onion not only helps to get healthy hair but also keeps your scalp away from infection and itchenns.You can include pure onion oil, onion shampoo, onion conditioner, onion hair mask and onion hair spray in your hair regimen for beautiful, strong and shiny hair.


When we say Avocado we only think about avocado juice, ice cream etc. Yes we all know that avocados have multiple benefits for health. But avocado does wonders for your hair.  The rich natural oils, vitamins and fatty acids in the avocado oil helps to keep your scalp moisturized. The nourishing property in the avocado makes your hair healthy.  This is a great key ingredient to keep your hair away from breakage. You can use an avocado mask at least once a week for smooth and shiny hair.

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4.Argan oil

Do you know argan is considered as one of the most powerful antioxidant key ingredients. Yes , the rich fatty acids in the argan oil helps to protect your hair from damage. Due to dust, impurities, styling, sunrays your hair may lose shine, but the argan oil helps to fight with all these problems to make your hair shinier and healthier.  If your hair is dull and damaged then i would suggest you to use argan oil, argan shampoo, argan conditioner and argan hair mask. 

5.Castor oil

Castor oil is one of the best ingredients for your scalp. The rich omega 6, fatty acids and ricin oleic acid in the castor oil helps to increase blood circulation to your scalp. And also helps in hair growth. If you are suffering from scalp itchiness, dandruff, dry scalp, irritated scalp than castor oil then add castor oil in your hair care regime. Use twice a week for 3 to 4 months to get healthy hair. 

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