5 Reasons Why I Like this Faber Hobtop
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5 Reasons Why I Like this Faber Hobtop?

5 Reasons to Use Faber Hobtop – It’s very tough while choosing kitchen related products. Even before buying this product i have done a lot of research and visited a lot of shops but later i got what i wanted. Recently I have purchased a faber hob top and after using 2 months thought of sharing my experience with you all. Let us see what are the 5 Reasons to Use Faber Hobtop.

Reason #1- It has high quality knobs

This is very important because in a day we may switch on it more than 10 to 15 times. This fiber has very high quality knobs. And it rotates only in anticlockwise direction. It is easy to use and has amazing color. You can switch on it with a lighter also.

Reason #2 – Contains glass edge protector

It has a very good glass edge protector but we should keep in mind that do not keep heated tawa or cookware directly on the glass. This glass can be cleaned very easily with the help of soft cloth or sponge.

Reason #3 – Comes with 4 burner

This faber hobtop comes with 4 burners, 2 small burners and 2 medium burners. Best part is you can easily use all 4 burners at a time whenever it is needed. 

Reason #4 – It has both the option that is freestanding and inbuilt

If you need it as inbuilt then you can put it according because it comes with both the options that are inbuilt and freestanding.

Reason #5 – Easy to clean

When it comes to clearing this is the best hoptop according to me because it’s very easy to clean with the help of a sponge or cloth. But one thing we need to keep in mind is we should clean it with only wet cloth or sponge. Using more water to clean may damage the gas stove.

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