Top 7 Reasons to Eat Sprouts Everyday Why Sprouts is Good for Health Benefits of Sprouts
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Top 7 Reasons to Eat Sprouts Everyday | Why Sprouts is Good for Health | Benefits of Sprouts

Top 7 Reasons to Eat Sprouts Everyday – We all know sprouts are one of the healthiest foods not only because of benefits but also because of the vitamins which it contains. There are a variety of sprouts available but this one is my favorite(Moth bean). In this article let us see what are the Top 7 Reasons to Eat Sprouts Everyday and how it is beneficial for health, hair and skin.

Top 7 Reasons to Eat Sprouts Everyday is :

  1. It May Improve Digestion
  2. Helps to Lose Weight
  3. Strengthens Your Immune System
  4. Good for Skin
  5. Promotes Healthy Hair Growth
  6. Improves eyesight
  7. Helps Prevent Dandruff
Benefits of Sprouts

1. It May Improve Digestion

Worried about improper digestion or do you have a problem with digestion then include sprouts in your healthy diet. The rich enzymes in the sprouts help to boost metabolic process and improve the chemical reaction within the body. Enzymes help to break down the food into pieces properly and enhances absorption of nutrients. Also sprouts contain dietary fiber that helps to regulate digestion.

2.Helps to Lose Weight

If you are trying to lose weight then sprout is one of the recommended snacks for you. Rich fiber and small amounts of calories in the sprouts help to lose weight easily. Instead of a heavy meal you can have a bowl of sprouts everyday to lose weight. 

3.Strengthens Your Immune System

Rich vitamins and minerals in the sprouts help to boost immunity by producing healthy RBCs in the body. Chlorophyll in the sprouts helps to remove toxins from the cells. Enzymes in the sprouts also help in easy digestion.

4.Good for Skin

Eating good food is not only good for a healthy life but it is also beneficial for hair and skin.  The rich antioxidant in the sprouts helps to fight with cell damage and free radicals in the body further protects skin from getting damaged. It also contains vitamin c, vitamin c helps in collagen production so that your skin will become more clear and youthful.

5.Promotes Healthy Hair Growth

Dreaming of healthy hair? Then include healthy food in your daily routine. Vitamin A in the sprouts helps stimulate hair follicles and encourages hair to grow thicker and longer. Many people face hair fall or scalp related problems due to Vitamin A deficiency. So eat sprouts everyday and say bye bye to bad hair and hello to healthy hair.

6.Improves eyesight

Presence of vitamin A in the sprouts also helps to improve your vision. Rich antioxidants in the sprouts helps to protect cells of the eye from free radical damage. 

7.Helps Prevent Dandruff

Selenium in the sprouts fights with fungi that grow on the scalp and keeps scalp away from the dandruff. It also helps promote healthy scalp and healthy hair growth.

So now the point is how you need to eat sprouts everyday

3 ways to eat sprouts

  1. You can add chopped onion, tomato, lemon juice and a bit of chilli powder into it and eat it as breakfast or snacks in the evening.
  2. If you are following proper diet then include bowl of sprouts in your meal
  3. You can also mix fruits with sprouts and have it whenever you feel hungry.

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