Which one is good for hair henna or hair color Henna vs Hair Color & which one is best

Which one is good for hair henna or hair color? Henna vs Hair Color & which one is best?

Henna vs Hair Color – Are you the one who likes to use henna or hair color, then do not forget to read this article. Hair color is famous nowadays compared to henna because you can use it quickly and get the instant result as well. But do you know henna has been used in india for centuries. If you go to villages you can see at least one henna tree in each house. So let us understand more about the henna and hair color in detail.

We know nowadays many people are not having time and always would like to follow quick and instant results in everything. I think it’s the same for hair or skin as well. But to avoid side effects you must need to be careful while using any products for skin and hair. Now let us see is henna good for hair or color in detail?

Why henna good for hair?

When I say henna don’t think that packet henna is good for hair. Because nowadays many brands are using chemicals in it so using that to your hair may affect your hair or you may face hair fall, dry hair, frizzy hair etc.. But still there are some brands which provide chemical free hair care products. Now when is henna good for hair? The direct henna paste which you extract from the plant is very good for your hair and has amazing benefits for your hair as well. Because plant extracted henna does not contain any harmful ingredients and the best part is you will be extracting it from the plant and you will be knowing it is totally pure compared to packet henna. 

Is hair color good for hair?

If you’re the one who is using hair color continuously then i would suggest you to stop it? Using it once in a while is fine but do not use it continuously because it may give you instant results but it also affects the scalp and hair. The chemical in hair color makes your scalp dry, it may absorb the moisture from the scalp so due to this your hair may start becoming dull, dry, frizzy or lifeless. Even your hair may lose shine so before using any color to your hair make sure it is free from harmful chemicals.

Henna VS Hair Color

Henna Hair Color
Safe to use on hairNot safe to use on hair
Good for scalp and hairNot good for scalp and hair
Stays long time on hairDoes not stay longer time on hair
Takes time to applyYou can use quickly on hair
Has amazing benefits for hairMay Not have amazing effects
Does not contains chemicalsHair color may contains chemicals in it
Takes time to applyThis will not take time while applying
Makes scalp and hair soft and smoothDoes not makes your scalp or hair smooth
You can get shiny hairMay not shine after applying
Will not cause any allergicIt may cause allergic
Gives good color coverageThis also helps to gives good color coverage

Always choose best and go natural no matter whether it’s for your hair or skin.

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