Plum 3% PHA Toner with Blueberry Review and benefits

Plum 3% PHA Toner with Blueberry Review

Do you know, enlarged pores, acne, breakouts on skin may make your face to look dull. To solve these kinds of problems Plum has launched an amazing toner that is Plum 3% PHA Toner with Blueberry Toner. Goodness of this toner will help you to get Acne free, Tighten pores and clear skin. So in this article let us see why to Plum 3% PHA Toner with Blueberry Toner, and what ingredients it is made with, how to use it for face..etc.

First let us understand what is PHA?

Before seeing the benefits of this toner let us understand Why PHA? and Why is it Good for Skin?

PHA that means Poly Hydroxy Acids. Poly Hydroxy Acidsare good for skin because it exfoliates skin deeply and helps to clear the pore by leaving your skin smooth and breakout free. This ingredient will not cause any side effects or irritation to skin. 

Why to use Plum 3% PHA Toner?

  • This toner is made with PHA & Blueberry
  • These two ingredients in the toner helps to exfoliate your skin
  • It also contains blend of 5 natural fruit exfoliants
  • Best part of this toner is it also contains 1% Niacinamide, Tartaric Acid, Papaya & Guava Extract
  • Niacinamide helps to keep your skin firm healthy
  • Tartaric Acid helps to moisturize the kin also it is also good for anti aging effect
  • Papaya in the toner helps to decrease the inflammation
  • And Guava Extract helps to fight with skin infection and inflammations
  • It is also good for sensitive skin
  • Helps to remove skin buildup
  • Can easily get pores breakout free skin
  • helps to refine & shrink your skin pores
  • It helps to get smooth, soft and healthy skin
  • Best part is it is totally free from alcohol

Why is it different from other toners?

  • No SLS
  • Free from artificial colors
  • No fragrances
  • No alcohol and essential oil
  • Has amazing benefits for skin

How to Use  Plum 3% PHA Toner?

  1. Take a few drops of toner on your palm or on a cotton ball.
  2. Gently dab on cleansed face & neck.
  3. Let toner air dry.
  4. Follow it up with a serum/moisturizer.
  5. Do not forget to use SPF every day.
  6. Suggested to use twice a day.

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