Sunscreen Lotion vs  Sunscreen Spray & Which is  Best for Skin
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Sunscreen Lotion vs  Sunscreen Spray & Which is  Best for Skin

Recently many brands are launching sunscreen spray and of course everybody will be having confusion about whether to use Sunscreen for Skin or Sunscreen spray for skin. Even if you’re the one who is having confusion about Sunscreen Lotion vs Sunscreen Spray, then this article is for you. Before we all used to use only sunscreen for skin during summer but nowadays people are falling in love with sunscreen spray more than lotion. So let us see what is the difference between Sunscreen Lotion & Sunscreen Spray and which is best and why to use them for skin.

Sunscreen Lotion vs  Sunscreen Spray

Sunscreen Lotion Sunscreen Spray
Gives best protection- It gives proper protection from harmful sun rays so that you can keep your skin away from tanning.May Not provide good protection – As spray it may not cover the skin properly like sunscreen. So some of your skin may get tanned or oily.
Gives long lasting protection – Sunscreen always gives long lasting protection from sun rays. If you apply sunscreen once in the morning it may last for 4 to 6 hours.Does not give long lasting protection – Spray comes in liquid formulation and when there is oiliness on skin or sweat on skin the spray may go out of skin in sweat or oil. So sunscreen spray does not give long lasting protection. You may need to spray it every 2 hours.
Your skin may feel sticky or oily- After applying sunscreen lotion your skin may feel sticky or oily. But sunscreen lotion always gives the best protection.Non sticky and non oily – Sunscreen spray does not make you feel sticky or oily because it’s just like water.
Skin does not feel itchy or irritating  – Using sunscreen will not make your skin itch or irritate or redness. Because it will stick to the skin properly.It may make your skin irritated or itchy – The instant spray on skin may start making your skin red or itchy or irritating. 
It’s a bit difficult to apply – You can easily apply sunscreen lotion to hands and face but shoulders and back are a bit difficult to apply.Easy to apply – Nowadays many people are preparing sunscreen spray because they are comfortable, handy and easy to apply.

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