Kapiva Rose Water Face Mist or Toner Review

Kapiva Rose Water Face Mist or Toner Review

Keep your skin hydrated with Kapiva Rose Water toner or skin mist. Kapiva has recently launched a rose water toner which not only keeps your skin hydrated but also gives bright skin. Let us see how Kapiva Rose Water Face Mist beneficial for skin.

You will fall in love with 100% natural rose toner because it is made with natural ingredients and has amazing benefits for skin. This rose water contains 10 premium essence and rare rose petals in every drop. Guess me it contains 1280 roses in 100ml rose water. Using this rose water for your skin has the following benefits.

Benefits of Kapiva Rose Water Toner for Skin

  1. Hydrates skin
  2. Soothes skin
  3. Unclogs pores 
  4. Reduces oil
  5. Has pH balance formula
  6. Gives bright skin
  7. Made with 100% natural ingredients

Who can use kapiva rose water

It is suitable for all types of skin and both men and women can use this rose water.

Q & A about Kapiva Rose Water

Q – Is kapiva rose water free from parabens and sulphates

A – Yes, this toner is completely free from parabens and sulfates

Q – Can we use kapiva rose water for oily or dry skin?

A – Yes, this toner is suitable for all skin types so you can easily use it for oily and dry skin.

Q – How to use kapiva rose water?

A – Close your eyes, shake the bottle well and spray directly on your clean face by keeping the bottle a few inches away from the face. Do not wipe it after spaying onto the skin. 

Q – Is kapiva rose water ayurvedic?

A – Yes, it is an ayurvedic and they have made this rose water with a traditional ayurvedic process.

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