Running VS Skipping and Which is Good for Health in 2022
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Running VS Skipping and Which is Good for Health in 2023

Running VS Skipping – Staying fit and healthy is not an easy job because you need to stick to the routine. Even if you skip your exercise or skipping or running for one day also you will feel you have gained more weight. So spending at least 1 hour daily for yourself helps to get many health benefits. Running for 20 minutes is also more than enough to stay fit and healthy.

Especially those who have excess weight they will be thinking whether to do skipping or running to reduce the weight fast. So in this article let us see which is good and how you can stick to it.

Si noRunningSkipping
1Running every helps to reduce bad cholesterolImproves concentration
2Good for mental healthHelps to increase stamina 
3Helps to reduce risk of heart stroke or attachBoost mental health
4Helps to lose weightDecreases belly fat
5Helps to maintain healthy weightGood for heart health
6Strengthens your musclesStrengthens your bones
7Helps in healthy skin as wellKeeps overall healthy healthy
8Boost immunityQuickly helps to reduce weight
9Improves the glucose regulationBurns excess calories 
10Improves the glucose regulationIncreases body flexibility

Skipping and running both are good for health. It depends on you if you are comfortable with running you can follow that everyday or if you would like to do skipping then even you can do that everyday. 

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