Soft & Durable Towel for Everyday Use - Mush Bamboo Towel & Baby Blanket Review

Soft & Durable Towel for Everyday Use – Mush Bamboo Towel & Baby Blanket Review

Mush Bamboo Towel & Blanket – Do you know what are the benefits of using a soft towel? Yes, using a hard cloth material towel may cause skin irritation or it may strip out natural skin oil so to keep your skin soft it’s always important to use a soft towel. Especially when it comes to babies, you must choose a very soft and odor free towel or blanket. So here is the best towel and blanket which you can use is Mush Bamboo Towel & Blanket .

Mush Bamboo Towel  is one of my current favorite brand towels. Because I just love the goodness of the material they have used. 

Do you know why I liked  Mush Bamboo Towel? It’s too soft and absorbs the water easily without any bad odor. Best thing about this towel is it is made with  bamboo and it’s friendly too.

Let us see more about Mush Bamboo Towel

Let us see more about Mush Bamboo Towel

1.Mush Bamboo Towels are super soft and absorbs 3x more water

You might have noticed that the normal towel does not absorb the water easily because of bad material or some rough material but Mush Bamboo Towel absorbs the water quickly.

2.These towels makes your skin quickly dry

As it has 3x water absorbing capacity it helps to absorbs water quickly from skin and makes skin dry without hurting your skin

3.Does not allow your skin to lose its natural oil

Some harsh matroil may lose your skin oil or dehydrated skin while using but due to its super soft martial it does not  allow your skin to lose its natural oil or moisture.

4.Its odor free

Mush Bamboo Towels are made with super soft bamboo material and fabric like bamboo which naturally maintains the fresh smell.

5.Best for sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin do not forget to choose this brand because using this towel regularly does not hurt your skin or it will not make skin red or itchy.

6.Retains the softness after multiple wash

Some towel will lose its softness after few wash but this towel does not lose its softness and even you can use machine to wash it

Few factors i like about Mush Bamboo Towel is:

  • Very soft and durable
  • Does not gives bad odor
  • My skin is sensitive and it’s perfect for it
  • Love the color
  • Ecor friendly
  • Can be carried anywhere easily

Now will see why i like Mush Cozy Bamboo Blanket

Now will see why i like Mush Cozy Bamboo Blanket

Do you know when it comes to babies we always choose best because we all need our baby to be happy and healthy. I recommend this Mush Cozy Bamboo Blanket to all the mothers out because it’s super soft and you can use it as multipurpose.

Here are the few reasons why i Liked the Mush Cozy Bamboo Blanket?

1.They have used 100% bamboo

Many brands include some other bad marial while manufacturing the blanket but Mush baby blankets are made with 100% bamboo.

2.Very comfortable

Mush bamboo towels are lightweight and very compatible. You can use it to warp babies or you can use it as a towel as well.

3.Regulates the body temperature

Thermo regulating properties in the bamboo fabric helps to regulate body temperature based on the weather.

4.Its too soft

Your baby can easily get sleep without any irritation because these blankets are too soft as even elders can fall asleep easily after warping a blanket.

5.Can be used as multipurpose

You can use it as a playmat wherever you go for a picnic, nursing cover, and best part is you can gift this cozy blanket to the new mom.

5 reason i liked about the  Mush Cozy Bamboo Blanket is:

  • Blankets are super soft
  • Easy to carry
  • Can be used as multipurpose
  • Very good for babies
  • 100% soft fabric 
  • Has good water absorbing capacity
  • can be used multipurpose

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