Top 5 Budget Friendly Home Décor Products in India 2022
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Top 5 Budget Friendly Home Décor Products in India 2023

Making every corner of the home beautiful is a dream for every woman. So here I got Top 5 Budget Friendly Home Décor Products for you. You can easily buy these products online with an affordable price. Let us see which are those Top 5 Budget Friendly Home Décor Products!

1.Hanging lanterns

Hanging lanterns gives a beautiful look to your favorite corner. I have recently bought 4 lanterns with just rupees 249 only. I fell in love with the color. If you have a small balcony or garden you can easily hang it over there and use it on my balcony. Best part is , it will come with candles in it. While doing a party it even gives a beautiful feeling.

2.Artificial leaves

Especially for those who are regular travelers, it’s the best suggestion. Even for me, I travel at least twice a month so for me it’s tough to plant because while traveling we face watering issues for the plant. So I gave an amazing look  to another balcony with money plant leaves. It looks very nice just like an original plant leaves. I got 4 money plant strings with rupees 299 only. 

3.Wood hanging

I love this hanging. It is so beautiful and gives totally different vibes to your home. You can use this hanging both indoor and outdoor. I am using it on the balcony. It looks very colorful and beautiful. I got this wood hanging at just rupees 147 only. You can buy this online.

4.Decorative stone

If you want to make some of your corners beautiful at home then you must need to have some decorative stones. Keeping a light or yellow lamp on a decorative stone at the corner makes you feel you are in some amazing place. I have got 1 kg white decorative stone to fill an artificial power plant pot. It just looks very nice and gives good vibes at home.


Photo Frames always give an amazing look to walls so I have put some positive thought frames on my balcony wall. We always spend most of the time on the balcony so I put all the amazing photo frames on one of my balcony walls. 

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