How to protect your hair during rain
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How to protect your hair during rain?

How to protect hair during rainy days it’s a big question especially for women. Yes if we don’t care for our hair properly during rain you face many hair problems. In this article let us see how you can protect yours and what are the solutions for it.

Protecting your hair is very important specifically those who travels everyday to office, colleges, trips etc..Because the harsh weather and the wind cause hair fall problems here are the some solutions to protect your hair during rain

Wrap your hair properly 

Whenever you step out from your home just use a scarp or some cap to wrap your hair. Wrapping hair helps to control frizzy, dry and hair breakages.

Oil your hair regularly 

During the rainy season many people don’t like to oil their hair. But even during rainy days the scalp and hair needs a moisturization so at least two times a week you must need to oil your hair

Use natural shampoo

Do not continue washing your hair with regular shampoo . As the seasons change you even need to change your hair care products. So just use shampoo which has natural ingredients in it.

Try to avoid lose hair

Especially for those who have long hair, this is the best suggestion. Try to avoid freehair just You can style it like a bun or try using a rubber band to your hair.

Avoid heating tools

During rainy days your hair strands will be more soft so using a heating tool may cause hair breakage .Try avoiding dryers or hair straighteners as much as possible.

Use hair serum

Whenever you feel your hair is dry or frizzy then do not forget to hydrate them. Use hair serum or hair spray to moisture and nourish hair.

Just follow the above steps and enjoy beautiful and gorgeous hair during rainy days as well.

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