Egg Shampoo Vs Henna Shampoo And which is good for hair
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Egg Shampoo Vs Henna Shampoo And which is good for hair?

Do you know there are plenty of shampoo available in the market and each one of us always gets confused which shampoo we have to use for hair. Due to this many of us may try different shampoo to our hair. But before choosing any shampoo for hair you need to understand about hair. So in this article let us see how to choose the perfect shampoo for hair and what is the difference between Egg Shampoo and Henna Shampoo.

Nowadays Egg Shampoo and Henna Shampoo has become the most trending shampoo because these two ingredients have amazing benefits for hair. Since old age many people still use henna for hair and even some people do use egg hair masks. 

First let us see how you need to choose perfect shampoo for hair? 

Do not use shampoo which you like, use shampoo which is suitable for your hair. Yes, especially girls, whenever there is a new product available in the market we always have that crazy to use. But it’s not the same for hair. First you need to see which hair type you have, what is your scalp condition, does that shampoo suit your hair or not, does the product have any side effects etcc.. Once you understand all of these then you can easily choose shampoo.

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Now let us see what is the difference between Egg Shampoo and Henna Shampoo and which one to use for hair.

Egg ShampooHenna Shampoo
Very good for scalp because it gently cleanse your scalpThis shampoo is very good to get dark and lustrous hair
Keeps your hair away from hair breakage Helps to reduce split ends
Gives deep nourishment to scalpMakes hair soft and smooth
Makes your hair shiny and softGives deep moisturization to scalp and hair
Strengthens hair rootsHelps to promote healthy growth
Keeps hair damage freeReduces dandruff
This shampoo is very good for dry and damaged hairReduces frizzy and dryness
Helps in healthy hair growthGives natural color to hair

Hope you understood the difference between the shampoo. If you have heavy dry and damaged hair then use egg shampoo or if you have frizzy hair, split ends then suggested to use henna shampoo. 

Along with good shampoo do not forget to use good hair oil and hair mask for hair. Using proper hair products for hair always gives amazing results .

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