Organic Netra Rose water with Vitamin C & Aloe Vera Gel with Vitamin E & C for Healthy and Happy Skin
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Organic Netra Rose water with Vitamin C & Aloe Vera Gel with Vitamin E & C for Healthy and Happy Skin

I always love to use face toner and aloe vera for my skin, but even I had confusion about which toner and aloe vera to use for my face. But recently I have come across the amazing brand called Organic Netra. And I have got so many products because I literally fell in love with the brand and quality of the products. Organic netra has a wide range of skin and hair care products. Currently I am using Rose water with Vitamin C & Aloe Vera Gel with Vitamin E & C for my face and the products are so good. In this article I would like to explain why I love these products and who all can use them.

First let me explain why i loved rose water toner

There are many toners available in the market, for example tea tree toner, vitamin c toner, cucumber toner, coconut toner etc.. But the best part is all these toners are suitable for particular skin types. This Rose water is not only made with rose but it also has vitamin c . Both the ingredients in the mist toner helps to keep your skin refreshed and energized.

Especially when we travel or sit for a longer time in front of the system our skin starts losing its moisture and it may get dehydrated. So to keep your skin hydrated you must use toner. Organic Netra rose water toner is made with 100% natural ingredients and it has an amazing smell. After spraying it on faceb your skin will become more fresh and glowing.

As it is a perfect toner I love to carry it wherever I go. It’s travel friendly , chemical free and the best toner I have ever used.

The reason i love this toner is it :

  • Made with rose and vitamin c
  • Rose water in the toner helps to get the dirt out of the pores and hydrates skin deeply
  • It also helps to maintains skin pH level
  • Using this toner helps to remove dirt and other particle from the skin
  • Restore the skin lost moisture
  • Vitamin c in the toner helps to give radiant, healthy and glowing skin.
  • It also helps to fight with free radicals
  • Has pleasant fragrance which makes you to fall in love with toner again and again
  • Keeps skin fresh and healthy

No matter which skin type you have, this toner goes well on all skin types because it is pure and completely free from harmful chemicals.

Now Let us see why i loved aloe Organic Netra Aloe Vera Gel

We all know aloe vera gel has plenty of benefits for skin. Anti inflammatory properties in the aloe vera gel helps to fight with all skin problems and gives beautiful, healthy, glowing and good looking skin.

But do you know how the organic netra aloe vera gel is different from normal aloe vera gel which you use regularly?

Yes , normal aloe vera gel may contain chemicals which may cause many skin problems or they may have added fragrance or sticky feeling you may get when applied to your face. But organic netra aloe vera gel is not only made with aloe vera but also it has vitamin E and Vitamin C.

Organic netra aloe vera gel is the first aloe vera gel to have two more ingredients in it that is Vitamin E and Vitamin C. Still now no brands have added these two ingredients to the aloe vera gel.

Aloe vera in the gel is sourced from organically grown aloe vera farms. Other two ingredients like vitamin e and vitamin c help to rejuvenate skin.  Best part of this aloe vera is you can also use it for hair.

Here are the few reason why i loved organic netra aloe vera gel:

  • It is made with natural ingredients
  • It has vitamin e and vitamin c
  • Can be used for skin and hair
  • Does not contains any chemicals in it
  • No fragrance
  • Non sticky
  • Helps to gives healthy, soft and smooth skin
  • Keeps skin younger looking
  • Very good for acne

You can try these two products for skin, even though they have a variety of products for skin and hair, you can have a look at organic netra products here.

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