Pallava Organic Certified Organic Argan & Hibiscus Hair Cleanser & Advanced Bhringraj Hair Oil Review
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Pallava Organic Certified Organic Argan & Hibiscus Hair Cleanser & Advanced Bhringraj Hair Oil Review

Many of us are always addicted to a single brand or brand which is famous by name but have you ever tried a product which is really beneficial for hair or skin? Yes, I myself always try new brands which are available in the market. Reason i choose to use new brands for hair and skin is compared to famous brands. A new brand will have an effective result and even we will see the result in a few days after using it on hair and skin. 

Recently I have tried this amazing Pallava Organic Certified Organic Argan & Hibiscus Hair Cleanser & Advanced Bhringraj Hair Oil for my hair and I fell in love with these 2 products. Let us see why I like these Pallava Organic Certified Organic products and how these are beneficial for hair…


The packaging of these  products looks so amazing. Moreover they have added all the information about the product on the cartoon itself. So for customers it will be easy to understand the ingredients and the benefits.  You can find how to use steps on the packaging and the overall look of the packaging is so good. 

Pallava Organic Certified Advanced Onion Bhringraj Hair Oil

Do you know the combination of onion and bhringraj has plenty of benefits for hair and scalp. Yes we all used to use a lot of onion oil for hair but now it’s time to treat our hair with bhringraj and onion. This amazing hair oil is not only made with onion and bhringraj but also contains a blend of cold pressed organic oils.

The reason i liked this oil is :

1.It’s completely natural

Yes when it comes to my skin and hair I always use products which are 100% natural. So this onion and bhringraj oil is completely natural and does not contain any harmful ingredients in it.

2.Seen amazing benefits after few uses

In the week at least two times I love to oil my hair. And yes, you even need to oil your hair regularly. So after using it 4 to 4 times I have seen many hair benefits like, shine in hair, control dull hair, calm and healthy scalp also my hair texture is becoming strong and healthy.

3.Has hair friendly ingredients

Along with onion and bhringraj it also contains cold pressed oils which deliver vitamin A, B,C and E, fatty acids and antioxidants to hair. 

4.Has pleasant smell

I love hair oil which is mild and smells good. Some hair does contain a very hard odor. Many people will get headaches when they use hair oil with excess fragrance. 

5.Oil Texture

This is also very important while using any hair care products because some oil may make your hair sticky, more oily or greasy. So this oil is non sticky, non greasy and does not make you feel oily as well.

6.Very good for scalp

When we give deep moisturization to the scalp we will deftly achieve a healthy scalp and healthy hair. Using this oil helps to give deep nourishment and moisturization to hair and scalp.

Next coming to Pallava Certified Organics Argan & Hibiscus Hair Cleanser

I have used many shampoos for my hair but I did not like any of them till now because some shampoos contain chemicals, some contain hash ingredients which do not suit my scalp and hair. 

Have you ever used Hibiscus hair shampoo or hair cleanser for your hair? If not you must need to. We all know hibiscus hair masks and some of us even use natural hibiscus paste to hair. Yes, Hibiscus has plenty of hair benefits. Using Hibiscus regularly helps to get healthy hair growth, makes hair follicles strong and healthy. 

The reason i liked Pallava Certified Organics Argan & Hibiscus Hair Cleanser is:

1.Made with natural ingredients

This shampoo is made with a blend of natural ingredients and all the ingredients in the shampoo have its own benefits for hair and scalp.

2.Cleases hair without drying out hair and scalp

Some shampoo does make your hair and scalp dry after cleansing your hair. That means it will strip out all the natural oil from hair and scalp and due to this your scalp may become dehydrated. But this cleanser helps to maintain scalp and hair moisture.

3. Gives enough nutrients to scalp

Blend of natural ingredients in the cleanse helps to provide deep nutrition to the scalp so that after each use your hair will become healthier and stronger.

4.It also contains essential oils

This cleanser also contains essential oils like peppermint oil, tea tree oil and lavender extract. All these essential oils help to reduce scalp irritation and itchiness. 

5.Hydates and nourishes hair

By giving deep nourishment to hair it also helps to hydrate and moisturize the scalp and hair naturally. 

6.Gives luxurious feel to your hair

You can easily see the changes in your hair after using it a few times. Your hair will become more shiny and smooth.

10 Reason to use Pallava Certified Organics Products

  1. Made with 100% natural ingredients
  2. Has 0% parabens and sulphate
  3. No color and silicons
  4. Do not have any side effect for hair and scalp
  5. Gives amazing result after using it for few times
  6. Cosmos organics certified
  7. Cruelty free
  8. Suitable for all hair types
  9. Allergy certified
  10. Does not contains any synthetic fragrance

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