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Top 5 Side Effects of Using Head Massagers Regularly – Stop Using Head Massagers

Many of us have already addicted to the scalp massager but do you know the side effects of using head massager regularly? So many people do spend a lot of money on a good head massager before they understand the advantages and disadvantages of it for the head and scalp. In this article let us see what are the Top 5 Side Effects of Using Head Massagers and how to avoid it naturally.

To treat scalp itchiness, irritation or dryness many of us use a head massager even though some people do use it while shampooing their hair. Nodayas you can see many brands also started proving head massager with shampoo or conditioner. But instead of that you can also follow a few amazing steps to protect your scalp and hair.

Here are the Top 5 Side effects of using Head massagers

1.Hurts for scalp

Yes, using a head massager regularly makes the scalp more dry or irritating. Massager teeth maynot be good for the scalp. You may feel good while using it after sometime again your scalp will start itching.

2.Removes moisture from scalp and hair

When there is no moisture there is no proper hair growth. Using a hair massager strips out all the natural oils from the scalp and hair by making it dry and dull. 

3.You will face hair issues

As it hurts for the scalp even you may face hair issues like hair fall, or it may make hair roots weak. You may suffer from thin hair.

4.Time consuming

Once you start using it you feel like using it for your head everyday so that it is time consuming.

5.May get muscle pain

You may get muscle pain after using it a few times and due to that you may suffer with headache or dizziness. 

Instead of a head massager tool you can use your fingertips to massage your scalp and hair. 

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