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Sunscreen VS NO Sunscreen – What Happens When You Don’t Apply Sunscreen to Your Skin ?

Sunscreen VS NO Sunscreen – Do you know why sunscreen is very important for skin ? Yes, just like lotion, even sunscreen is very important for skin. No matter whether it is winter, summer or rainy season, sunscreen is a must in all seasons. In this article let us know why sunscreen is important for skin  and what happens when you don’t use it on skin.

Let us see use of Sunscreen VS NO Sunscreen here:

SunscreenNo Sunscreen
Sunscreen always protect your skin from UVA and UVb raysBad harmful sun rays may damage your skin
Keeps your skin healthy and younger lookingYour skin will get tanned
It reduces risk of sunburnChances of getting sunborn is more 
Helps to reduce premature wrinklesWrinkled will start appearing on the skin
Very good for skin cells and collagen productionNo protection can cause damage to your elastin, collagen and skin cells
Reduces risk of skin discolorationSkin Discoloration may appear
Protects Skin from dust, particles and bad pollutionPollution and dust particle may cause skin problems
Reduce InflammationWithout sunscreen can cause inflammation
Keeps skin moisturised and hydratedYour skin will become dry, itchy and irritating
Protects skin tonesSkin tone may change anytime 
Can easily achieve soft, smooth and healthy skinYour skin will get dry and damaged 

There are plenty of sunscreens available in the market but always try sunscreen which is suitable for your skin and do not forget to check whether the sunscreen contains any harmful chemicals in it. I have been using minimalist sunscreen for 2 months and I literally love it. Because minimalist sunscreen is non sticky, non oily and contains any harmful chemicals in it. It also does not make your skin oily or sticky. Check our more about minimalist sunscreen here >

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