Green Apple vs Red Apple - Which One is Good For Health a
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Green Apple vs Red Apple – Which One is Good For Health?

Eating one apple everyday keeps the doctor away. This line is very true. Apple is one of the most loving and throughout the year available fruit. No matter whether it is green apple or red apple but eating apples everyday has plenty of health benefits. Many people might be thinking to eat only red or green apple but eating both types of apple equally has it own benefits for health. In this article let us see what is the difference between Green Apple & Red Apple and Which One is Good For Health?.

Green Apple vs Red Apple 

Green AppleRed Apple
Green apples are sour in taste Whereas red apples are sweet in taste
Thick skinThin skin
Less juicy and less crispyMore juicy and crispy
Have less sugar and carbsRed apple contains little bit more sugar compared to green apple
Have more fibre, protein, potassium, iron, and vitamin KRed apple contains more antioxidants,vitamin c, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus
Vitamin A Is more in green appleVitamin C is more in red apple
Pectin in the green apple promote the growth of healthy bacteria in your gutRed apple also have Anti-inflammatory properties
High fibre content in the green apple also good for digestive healthHelps your lung strength
Eating a green apple every day can strengthen bones and teethGood for heart health and lower the cholesterol
Good amount of fibre in the green apple helps to reduce weightQuercetin in the red apple helps to  boost and fortify your immune system
It also keeps you full for a longer timeGood for hormone balance and protein formation.
Good for those who have diabetes Iron in the apple helps in the formation of red blood cells

Hope you understand the difference now. The question is Which One is Good For Health and which apple to eat. Yes if you have high sugar levels and digestive problems then eat at least one green apple a day. If you want to boost your immune system or improve overall health then eat red apples everyday. 

As both apples have their own benefits i eat half green apple and half red apple everyday. I add red apples in my breakfast like in the oats or in the muesli. And green apples I eat in the afternoon or evening as snacks. 

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