How to Use Cinnamon Powder for Weight Loss
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How to Use Cinnamon Powder for Weight Loss

Losing weight is very easy when you follow a proper routine. Many people struggle in losing weight without following a proper healthy diet. In this article let us see how you can reduce weight by using Cinnamon Powder or Cinnamon Stick. 

If you want to stay fit and healthy or if you want to maintain a healthy weight you need to eat healthy food and also it’s necessary to do workout , yoga or exercise. Only eating healthy food doesn’t reduce weight along with healthy food. If you start exercising everyday, that will definitely help you to maintain a healthy weight.

The rich fibre in the cinnamon helps to boost metabolism and it helps reduce food craving. Especially those who consume sugar everyday , drinking cinnamon water is a must . Because It controls the blood glucose level.

All you need to do is drink hot or cold cinnamon water. All you need to do if you are drinking in the morning is boil 1 cinnamon stick in a glass of water, strain it and you can even add lemon or honey to it. Drink it as your morning detox. You can drink this everyday instead of coffee or tea. If you are drinking in the night just keep 1 cinnamon stick in the glass of water for 1 hour , after 1 hour remove the stick, stain the water and drink it. 

Especially if you have a metabolism problem then every night before going to bed drink cinnamon water. You need to drink cinnamon water for at least 4 to 15 weeks. After 4 to 5 weeks you will see effective results. Also you can do at least 30 minutes jogging or exercise everyday. Skipping is also good to reduce weight. 

Other Benefits of Cinnamon for health

  1. Consuming cinnamon water everyday helps to cure PCOS. One glass of cinnamon water with honey can also help to reduce insulin resistance in women. 
  2. Rich antioxidants in cinnamon helps to boost immunity. Antibacterial and antifungal properties in the cinnamon also fights with other issues like respiratory disorders, heart problems etc.
  3. Drinking one cup of warm cinnamon water helps to reduce menstrual cramps.
  4. It also helps to reduce inflammation. Good for joint pain, muscle pain and blood circulation.

Stick on to this healthy drink and stay fit, healthy and happy

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