Moringa Benefits for Skin, Hair & Health - Why You Need to Include Moringa in Your Routine
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Moringa Benefits for Skin, Hair & Health – Why You Need to Include Moringa in Your Routine?

We all love to eat drumstick curry or drumstick sabji due to its plenty of health benefits just like that even drumstick leaves or Moringa has many health, skin and hair benefits. Even older people still eat Moringa  sabji with roti or they prepare sambar. if you have not tasted it then you must try it from today itself. In this article let us see Moringa Benefits for Skin, Hair & Health and Why you have to include it in your daily routine.

In the village you can see at least 1 Moringa tree in front of every home. People do use leaves as well as drumsticks.  According to study morning leaves contain 7 times more vitamin c then the oranges and 15 times more potassium than bananas. So eating a few leaves everyday will help to boost immunity and keep your body healthy. 

Health Benefits of Moringa 

Moringa leaves are rich in vitamins and minerals, amino acids and potassium. One cup of moringa leaves contains 2 grams of protein, vitamin b6, iron, vitamin a and magnesium. The rich vitamin, minerals and antioxidants in the leaves helps to fight with inflammation and also helps to reduce blood sugar level. Just like other ingredients, even morning leaves help to manage weight. Eating 1 cup of morning leaves gives you plenty of health benefits so start including it in your diet and enjoy healthy lifestyle

Benefits of Moringa for Skin

Do you know nowadays many skin brands are manufacturing moringa serum, lotion, creams etc.. Because the rich Vitamins, fatty acids and other nutrients in the morning helps to prevent many skin problems. The rich omega content in the morning helps to fight with dry skin and it gives deep hydration to skin. Using products which contain morning as it trends also helps to fight with pollution, dust and sun rays. It also helps to control oily skin, prevents and reduces dark spots or pigmentation. All you need to do is add 2 tbsp moringa powder in a bowl , add 1 tbsp lemon juice and 1 tbsp honey. Mix all the ingredients properly and all the masks on your face. Leave it for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, wash your face with water. Use this remedy at least once a week to enjoy healthy, smooth and soft skin. 

Benefits of Moringa for Hair

If you want to improve the overall health of your hair then do not miss to use morning hair. Because the rich fatty acids, vitamins and minerals in the moringa helps to improve hair growth. If you are suffering from hair loss or dry hair then include moringa hair oil, shampoo and conditioner in your hair care routine and enjoy healthy hair. Applying moringa oil helps to penetrate deeply into the scalp so that it keeps your hair and scalp away from dryness. Along with these benefits it also makes your hair shiny , smooth and soft. 

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