What Happens if You Drink One Orange Juice Daily
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What Happens if You Drink One Orange Juice Daily?

We all know vitamin c is very important for our body. Antioxidant in the vitamin c is not only good for our health but also it has so many benefits for skin and hair. Let us see why you have to drink One Orange Juice Daily and What Happens if You Drink One Orange Juice everyday and how it is beneficial for health.

Nowadays many people are addicted to Vitamin C tablets instead of fruits and juice. But I would suggest you eat at least 2 fruits a day or drink one glass of orange juice everyday.

Even before I never used to eat oranges but nowadays I am drinking at least 2 juices a day. In the morning after workout I drink 1 juice which is made with 3 to 4 oranges and in the evening one more juice which is made with 2 oranges. I never add sugar or any other ingredients  in the juice, just an orange pulp and juice I would always love to drink. Let us see why i started drinking one or 2 juices everyday and what are its benefits.

1.Very Good for Our Immune System

The rich antioxidant in the orange juice helps to boost our immune system. Drinking at least 1 orange juice a day helps to provide required vitamin c to our body.4

2.Improves Digestive Health

More intake of liquid always helps to improve our digestive health. Apart from water, healthy juices like orange juice also helps to improve your digestive health and also provides enough fibre to the body.

3.Helps to Prevents Kidney Diseases

Rich calcium and potassium in the orange helps to prevent kidney stones. Consuming the right amount of orange juice will also help to prevent kidney disease.

4.It’s an Amazing Drink for Weight Loss

As oranges contain low glycaemic index and fat content so it will help you to reduce weight. If you are following a low sugar diet then orange juice is a perfect snack for you. 

5.Improves the skin health

Along with Vitamin c it also contains vitamin e and both the nutrients in the orange helps to regenerate skin cells. So that you can see reduction in the scars, blackheads and spots. 

6.Reduces wrinkles

Regular intake of orange juice helps to reduce wrinkles. The anti-aging effect of antioxidants helps to detoxify skin and removes the impurities and toxins from the skin so that you can easily get rid of wrinkles.

7.Makes Your Hair Beautiful

We all know natural ingredients always help to get natural glow or natural hair . Mixing 1 tbsp spoon of honey with and orange juice helps to get beautiful hair.

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