10 Foods to Avoid for Weight Loss - Don't eat these 10 food if you want to lose weight
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10 Foods to Avoid for Weight Loss – Don’t eat these 10 food if you want to lose weight

Struggling to lose weight? Or thinking about which food to eat ? Then this article is for you. Most of us don’t have control on food, no matter how much we stick to a diet but some of us neer control food. Especially if you are foodies it’s really tough so don’t worry here are the 10 Foods you need to Avoid to reduce weight naturally. 

10 Foods to Avoid When Trying to Lose Weight

1.French fries

Who else would not like to have French fries? It’s a favourite snack from  kids to elders. Especially when it is the weekend everybody loves to have fries so  assuming potato chips is not at all good if you are looking to lose weight. French friar are high in calories and fat, which will contribute to weight gain if consumed regularly.


Sugar is one of the most dangerous substances. Most of the people drink tea or coffee more than 3 to 4 times and they do eat or drink sugary items. consuming sugar everyday may increase blood pressure , insulin resistance , weight , diabetes and fatty liver. It is also linked to heart attack and heart stroke. So if you are having sugar daily stop it.

3.Maida items

If you are eating maida items like pia, burger, sandwich, bread, et.. Then you need to stop it immediately. Maida slows down the metabolic rate of your body. If you consume more maids, the body stops burning weight instead it will start storing them. This will lead to weight gain. So eat only once in a while.

4.Bakery food 

Bakery food like  buns, rolls, muffins, akes, sweet rolls etc. cause weight gain. Because most of the bakery food contains cream, sugar, dairy products. Always try to eat one which has low calories and low sugar.

5.Redemid fruits juice or packed juices

We all are addicted to many ready to drink or ready to eat foods to save our time in busy schedules . But do you know drinking redimed fruit juice or food is very bad for your health? Instead of ready to eat or drink foods you can eat fruits. Most of the packed juice does contain sugar and other calories so due to this you will start gaining weight.

6.cookies, and cakes

cookies, and cakes are packed with added sugar and calories. Eating these foods not only fills your stomach but also makes you feel hungry after a few hours. If you are trying to lose weight eat small portion of cookies. There are many cookies available for weight loss like oats cookies, healthy bars, etc. You can include that in your snacks. 

7.Ice cream

Ice cream it’s an most favourite food or snack for each and everyone. But do you know Ice cream contains large amounts of sugar and saturated fats? If you consume too much it will rapidly  cause weight gain. You eat one  in 15 days that too if you are working out regularly


No matter whether you are eating a small chocolate or big chocolate. Eah chocolate contains added sugars, refined flour and oils. If you are raring chocolate regularly stop it. Instead , eat raisins or dates.

9.Unhealthy salad dressings

Many of us do like salad dressings while eating in the hotel or in the home. Many salad dressings that we use for salad donations fat and calories that will actually make you gain weight. Instead of salad dressing you can add some peppers, black salt, mustards etc.


Drinking Alcohol regularly causes you weight gain because it contains high kilojoules, which may make you feel hungry and can lead to cravings for salty and greasy food. So especially if you are drinking beer regularly , reduce the intake to burn fat. 

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