Beauty Counter Tinted Sunscreen vs Neutrogena Sunscreen - Which is Best for Skin
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Beauty Counter Tinted Sunscreen vs Neutrogena Sunscreen – Which is Best for Skin

Just like other skin care products sunscreen is also very important for the skin. Especially during summer, it’s the best remedy for the skin. But most of us do get confused about which sunscreen to use. There are plenty of sunscreens on the market but it’s very impatient to choose the right sunscreen for your skin. Because most sunscreen contains harmful ingredients and using them may cause skin irritation and other problems. In this article let us see 

Most people after applying sunscreen their skin turns red, or it may feel like a burn, or it may start irritating. So the biggest cause for these problems is whether you using the right sunscreen or not. Most people do have sensitive skin and for them, it’s tough o choose the right sunscreen. 

Beauty Counter Tinted Sunscreen vs Neutrogena Sunscreen.

Beauty Counter Tinted SunscreenNeutrogena Sunscreen
It is mist sunscreenIts non-greasy and non-sticky sunscreen
Has SPF 30It comes with SPF 50+, SPF 70+
Formulated with non-nano zinc oxide and California poppy extractFormulated with Helioplex for superior sun protection
Protects skin from  UVA and UVB raysHelps to protect against harmful sun rays
Even out the skin toneLeaves the skin Soft & Smooth
It is water-resistant sunscreen, you can use it while swimming or working outCan be used at the pool or in the ocean for up to 80 minutes
Water-resistant for up to 80 minutesIt is lightweight and gives a non-shiny finish
Its Reef-friendlyDermatologist Tested
Suitable for a wider range of skin typesIts Oil-free and Non-Comedogenic
Does not makes your skin flakySuitable for all skin types
Absorbs easily into the skinWaterproof & Sweatproof

There is only a slight difference between these two sunscreens, but you can choose siding to your skin type. Also both the sunscreen is best. You can use these sunscreens all the season.

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