Sunsilk Shampoo vs Head and Shoulders & Which is Best for Hair
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Sunsilk Shampoo vs Head and Shoulders & Which is Best for Hair?

Sunsilk Shampoo vs Head and Shoulders are well known and famous brands all over the world. These two brands have plenty of hair care products. But most of the people  do get confused about choosing the right shampoo for their hair. As there is a variety of shampoos it’s always tough to choose the right shampoo for the right hair types. So in this article let us see Sunsilk Shampoo vs Head and Shoulders and which one is good for hair.

Choosing the right shampoo is not tough when you know your hair types. Yes also you must understand in which season which shampoo to use for hair. Most people do use one shampoo throughout the season, but that’s not the right way of treating your hair. Because in summer your hair will get more sweaty or oily then you need to choose different shampoo. In winter your hair may get dry so you need to choose moisturising shampoo. So are your hair with the right shampoo.

Sunsilk Shampoo vs Head and Shoulders

Sunsilk ShampooHead and Shoulders 
Sunsilk shampoos are mainly for moisturising and nourishing the hairMost of the head and shoulder shampoos are for dandruff and healthy scalp
Gies thick texture after each use Does not gives thick texture but makes your hair smooth and shiny
These shampoos are made with natural ingredients and which are very good for hair growthMost of the shampoos are made withs scalp cooling ingredients and which are good for scalp health
Sunsilk shampoos are enriched with natural oilsHead and shoulder shampoo are enriched with scalp cooling ingredients
Natural oils in the shampoo helps to give deep nourishment to hair and scalpSalp oolong ingredients keeps your scalp calm and cool also away from dandruff
Different shampoos have different colour like black , pink and whiteIt comes with only one colour that is white
You can achieve smooth texture You can achieve Up To 100% dandruff free hair and slap 
Helps to get healthy and glossy hair Helps to get smooth and shiny hair
Best for dry, dull and damaged hairBest for dandruff, flakes and bad scalp
Cost effectivePrice is little high compared to sunsilk shampoos 

Both the shampoo have different benefits for hair. You need to choose shampoo based on the ingredients and hair types. In summer it is suggested to use cool menthol shampoo or aloe r shampoo. Because these two ingredients are very good for scalp during summer. Using these shampoo during summer helps to keep your scalp cool and calm. It also gives deep nourishment to the hair and scalp. 

So enjoy healthy hair by choosing right shampoo for your hair.

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