Top 7 Benefits of Mexican Mint for Health
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Top 7 Benefits of Mexican Mint for Health

Scientific name of mexican mint is Coleus amboinicus. It has a similar odour and flavour to oregano and mint. It is used in several dishes to give extra flavour to food. These leaves can be used fresh or dried in the food. In India it’s called Indian Borage. It’s also used in many ayurvedic medicines. So let us see Top 7 Benefits of Mexican Mint for Health.

This plant is very easy to grow, because it doesn’t need more water and more maintenance. It grows quickly with little water or in the colder condition area. Most of the people use these leaves in the food to get more food flavour and taste. Even many people add dried leaves in the soup and other salads. Nowadays many brands are also extracting essential oils from these leaves. Essential oil from these leaves can be used for skin or hair as well.

1.Helps to Resole Respiratory Issues

If you are suffering from Respiratory Issues like cold, cough, congestion, running nose, painful sinuses then this is a perfect medicine for you. You can chew a few leaves of Mexican mint from the fresh tree to get rid of all the respiratory problems. Eating these leaves helps to eliminate mucus and phlegm from your respiratory tracts  and helps to clear out your sinuses. It’s a good medicine to boost the immune system.

2.Helps to Heal Skin problems

It’s also used for skin due to its anti-inflammatory properties. If you are suffering from skin redness, itchiness, or swelling then you can apply Mexican leaf essential oil to your skin. It’s the best medicine for bug bites as well. The gamma-linoleic in the leaves also helps to treat skin disorders such as inflammation , irritation and itchiness. 

3.Rich in Vitamin C and A

Mexican leaves are rich in  ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid in the Mexican leaves helps to boost the immune system. Carotenoids and vitamin A in the leaves helps to improve vision health, reduce stress in the eyes and prevent macular degeneration.

4.Reduces stress and Anxiety

Many people add Mexican leaves in the juice or in the salad not only for the taste but also it helps to reduce stress and anxiety. People who have high anxiety, stress can chew the leaves or consume it as juice for a peaceful mind and restful sleep.

5.Good for kidney health

It’s a good home remedy to fight kidney stones. It cleans the body toxins by stimulating urination. It also helps to reduce the amount of excess salt, fat and water in the body. 

6.Can Help Relieve from Fever and old

If you are suffering from a heavy cold, cough and flu, these leaves will help to relieve you from the above symptoms. Consuming 2 to 3 Mexican leaves with water helps to give relief to the throat and can also help to cure flu.

7.Good for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

It’s also the best medicine to get rid of Irritable Bowel Syndrome like stomach pain, stomach upset, indigestion etc. That’s why ,most Indians add this in the curry to soothe the digestion.

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