Why I Eat Soaked Almonds Everyday - Benefits of Soaked Almonds for Skin, Hair & Health
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Why I Eat Soaked Almonds Everyday – Benefits of Soaked Almonds for Skin, Hair & Health

Did you know eating Soaked Almonds have plenty of health, skin and hair benefits? Eating 4 to 6 soaked almonds in the morning keeps you healthy.  Specially for kids, soaked almonds are very beneficial. Let us see Benefits of Soaked Almonds for Skin, Hair & Health.

I myself don’t like to eat normal almonds, instead I grid it and add it to my oatmeal breakfast or in the smoothie. But since 2 months ago I started eating soaked almonds, I just love it. Now it has been my everyday routine. In the morning after drinking my fenugreek and jeera water I just chewed 5 to 6 almonds. 

We all know almonds are nutrient powerhouses. Adding them in your diet gives you many health benefits. Even many people do use almond oil, almond shampoo, almond cream, almond face wash etc. Due to its nutrients almond has become one of the best ingredients for health, skin and hair. 

So start your day just by eating 5 to 6 almonds everyday and enjoy miraculous health benefits. 

Benefits of Soaked Almond for Health

1.Helps to Ease Digestion

Normal almonds have a tough and hard texture, so eating them may be difficult for digestion. However, eating soaked almonds is easy to chew and digest. Soaked almond helps to promote production of an enzymes and which promotes digestion. Instead of normal or roasted almonds, start having a soaked almond everyday.

2.Helps to Reduce Weight

Lipase enzymes from the soaked almonds help to boost metabolism and which aids in weight loss. If you are planning to lose weight then include soaked almonds in your diet routine. It also keeps your tummy fuller for a longer time, so after eating a few almond you don’t even feel hungry.

3.Gives enough nutrients to body

Soaked almonds are enriched with vitamin B, Magnesium and healthy fats. All these nutrients in the soaked almond  helps your body produce energy and maintains blood sugar level. It also helps to reduce bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol. 

4.Good for memory

Studies show eating soaked almonds everyday helps to preserve memory for extended time. Soaked almonds are also enriched with vitamin E. vitamin E in the almond helps to boost memory power.

5.Helps to Improves Blood Sugar Levels

If you are consuming sweets everyday then do not miss to eat soaked almonds. The rich  magnesium in the almond helps to lower blood pressure. When you start eating almonds it balances magnesium and helps to lower the blood sugar.

Benefits of Soaked Almond for Skin

1.Keeps Your Skin Healthy

Rich vitamin E in the soaked almonds helps to protect skin from free radical damage. Eating soaked almonds is not only good for health but also keeps your skin healthy and smooth.

2. Helps to Fight with Anti Aging

Ageing is a rapid process. We cannot stop it but we can slow it down just by maintaining a healthy routine. Eating soaked almonds helps to  reverse ageing. vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids in the almond helps to prevent fine lines and wrinkles by giving  deep nourishment to your skin.

3.Makes skin smooth

Applying soaked almond paste to skin at least 2 times a week helps to provide required nutrients to skin by fighting with dry skin. By providing deep moisturization to skin it helps to make your skin smooth and supple.

Benefits of Soaked Almond for Hair

1.Makes Hair Root Stronger

Stronger hair root, stronger will be the hair. Consuming soaked almonds or applying almond paste will help to provide your hair roots a deep nourishment and increases blood iraultion in the salp. So that your hair will become more shiny and strong.

2. Moisturise Hair

As almonds contain healthy omega- 3 fats which is not only good for health but also gives deep moisturization to hair and scalp. So almond is an perfect go to solution for ry, damaged and dull hair.

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