How To Use Neem Leaves For Hair Growth
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How To Use Neem Leaves For Hair Growth

Neem is one of the powerful ingredients not only for skin but also for hair. If you are suffering from hair problems then neem is a perfect ingredient. This is a readily available ingredient; you can use it for hair at least t once a week. Let us see how to Use Neem Leaves for Hair Growth.

Healthy hair growth is a dream for all but using small ingredients from your home helps to achieve healthy and happy hair growth. Just like that neem is also considered one of the best and potent ingredients to fight many hair problems. So let us see how you can use neem for hair Growth.

Here is How To Use Neem Leaves for Healthy Hair Growth 

  1. Take 300 to 500 grams of fresh neem leaves
  2. Wash the leaves thoroughly and stain the water from the leaves
  3. Then boil half a cup of coconut oil
  4. Add washed neem leaves into the boiling coconut oil
  5. Boil the oil until it becomes heavy
  6. Let it cool, then stain the oil
  7. Apply this oil to your hair once or twice a week
  8. You can add Kapoor to this oil to avoid the neem smell

Neem leaves are rich in antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Using neem leaves regularly for hair not only controls hair fall but also fights dandruff, itchy scalp, lice, and irritated scalp, and also it boosts the overall health of your hair and scalp.

Study shows using neem leaves also helps to improve hair texture and fights hair breakage and thinning. Even its a perfect solution for grey hair. Massaging your head with neem oil regularly helps to boost blood circulation to the scalp and hair.

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