Top 3 Healthy Soup With Natural Ingredients For Weight Loss Vegetarian
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Top 3 Healthy Soup With Natural Ingredients For Weight Loss Vegetarian

Are you a Vegetarian and struggling to lose weight naturally? Then do not miss to Try these Top 3 Healthy Soup. In this article let us see how you can lose weight with natural ingredients at home. Drinking one soup for 5 days helps to reduce weight and also boost your immune system. Let us see more about these soups.

Top 3 Healthy Soup for Weight Loss

1.Jowar Soup 

Most people are not aware of this soup but you must need to try this soup at least once a week. Jowar is considered one of the best foods for weight loss. In India, most of the people do eat jowar roti. But drinking jowar soup can help to reduce weight. Because it is loaded with protein, dietary fiber, iron, vitamins, etc.. Jowar soup helps to boost energy levels by providing plenty of vitamins and minerals to your body. Here are the steps to follow for jowar soup.

Jowar Soup for Weight Loss

  1. Take half a cup of jowar atta in a bowl
  2. Add water to it and mix the atta properly 
  3. Then cut all your favorite vegetables (i add, carrots, beans, peas, paneer, corn, etc)
  4. Then in a pan fry finely chopped onion, and one green chilli
  5. Then add all the chopped vegetables to it
  6. Mix it well and add water to it
  7. Once water starts boiling add atta liquid to it
  8. Stir it well and add salt according to taste
  9. Then drink it every day night

2. Ragi Soup

Do you know ragi is a great source of dietary fiber and protein? This is also one of the best soups for weight loss. It is also good to control the blood sugar level. Eating ragi helps to boost overall health. So at least once a week drink ragi soup or eat ragi roti. Here is how you can make ragi soup.

Ragi soup for weight loss

  1. Take half a cup of ragi atta, add 1 cup of water to it
  2. Then chop your favorite vegetable
  3. Fry chopped onion and other veggies in the pan
  4. Add water to eat and salt according to taste
  5. Then add ragi water to it
  6. Make sure to add more water otherwise, ragi will stick to the pan
  7. Then drink it every night or take it as a meal

3. Multigrain Soup

Multigrains are rich in nutrints, fibre, protines. Low fat in multigrain helps to reduce weight. Drinking multigrain soup helps to improve bowel movements and keeps your health comfortable. Especially if you are suffering from digestive problems then do not miss to include this soup. Let us see how you can make multigrain soup.

Multigrain Soup for weight loss

  1. Take multi-grains like oats, millet, green gram, pearl millet etc. in a bowl
  2. With the help of a grinder grind all these ingredients and make powder of it
  3. Strain the powder and add water to it 
  4. In a pan add oil and chopped onion green chili
  5. You can add vegetables like carrots, beans, peas, corn, and broccoli
  6. then add water
  7. Once the water starts boiling add multi-grain powder water to it
  8. Add water according to the thickness
  9. Then enjoy the multigrain soup

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