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Does SESA Ayurvedic Regain 2-Step Hair Growth Kit Work for Hair Fall?

Nowadays hair fall is one of the most common problems we can see from adults to elders. Many brands are launching various hair care products, but it is still tough to fight hair fall. SESA Ayurvedic launched SESA Ayurvedic Regain 2-Step Hair Growth Kit, let us see how does this kit works for hair fall.

SESA Ayurvedic Regain 2-Step Hair Growth Kit

1. This Kit Comes with Hair Oil & Head Massage

This contains hair growth oil and a head massager. You can apply the oil and massage your scalp with a head massager. If your scalp is sensitive or if you have acne on the scalp do not use the head massager instead you can use your fingertips to massage your scalp. Using head massage may provide good circulation to all over the hair follicles but it may make your scalp irritated when you have sensitive skin.

2.This Oil is Made with 26 Herbs + 6 Essential Oils & Pure Cows Milk

None of the brands have these many herbs in the hair oil but Sesa hair growth oil is not only made with natural herbs but also it contains essential oils and pure cow’s milk. All the ingredients in the oil help to control hair fall and make hair strong by providing proper nourishment to hair.

3. Helps in Hair Growth

Each ingredient in the oil is tested by a medical expert so using this oil for longer periods helps in healthy, longer, and stronger hair growth. The goodness of each ingredient in the oil not only fights hair fall but also keeps your scalp away from dandruff, itchiness, and irritation.

4. Increases Hair Growth up to 95%

As this oil is clinically proven, using it on hair for at least 120 days helps to get 95% new hair growth. You can use it two times or three times a day. Also after using this oil make sure to use natural shampoo.

5. Improves Hair follicles

This hair growth oil also contains scalp-nourishing ingredients. Using this oil also helps to provide deep nourishment to the scalp and makes hair follicles stronger. Strong hair follicles lead to healthy, strong, and long hair growth.

According to customer reviews, this oil may work for controlling hair fall. But you need to use this oil for at least 3 months consistently to see the difference in the hair.

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