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Henna Powder Vs Permanent Hair Color Which One Is Good For Hair

Henna Powder Vs Permanent Hair Color – Nowadays most people use Permanent Hair Color but if you ask your grandmother they always suggest you use henna for your hair. So in this article let us understand which color is good for hair and why.

Henna Powder Vs Permanent Hair Color

Henna PowderPermanent Hair Color
It’s completely 100% natural because it is plant-basedIt contains chemicals 
Gives natural color to hairThe color may vary after applying it to the hair
It is not only good for hair but also gives a cooling effect to the scalpIt may make your scalp dry and irritating
It will not cause any allergic reaction It may cause allergic reaction to the scalp
Helps to strengthen hair May affect hair cuticles
Reduces hair breakageIt may cause hair breakage and frizzy hair
Fights with dandruff due to antibacterial and anti-fungal propertiesCauses dandruff as it contains more chemicals
May proteus hair growth Does not promote hair growth
You may need to reapply at least once in month It comes long-lasting due to a chemical 
Affordable Not affordable 
Easy to applyTakes a bit longer period to apply

As henna is complenety natural using it for hair does not cause any side effects. If you ant to enjoy healthy and strong hair with a natural color then go for henna powder. Using extracted henna powder from the tea can be more effective than the powder. I would suggest using natural color for hair instead of permanent color. 

Permanent hair color may give you a good result but after time it causes many hair and scalp problems. To keep your hair and scalp healthy you need to choose natural colors and products for hair. 

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