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5 Reasons to Use Minimalist Light Fluid SPF 50 Sunscreen

Bored of using regular sunscreen? Then Say hello to Minimalist Light Fluid SPF 50 Sunscreen. Minimalist recently launched a another sunscree which is in the form of liquid. Here are some Top 5 Reasons to use it for skin.

Most people avoid sunscreen due to its sticky feeling. Yes, most sunscreen will make your skin sticky, irritating, and oily. Due to that many of us avoid applying sunscreen while stepping out. But this amazing sunscreen is super lightweight and nonsticky. As it comes in liquid form it doesn’t even make you feel that you applied sunscreen.

5 Reasons to Use Minimalist Light Fluid SPF 50 Sunscreen

1. Comes in liquid formation

As it comes in liquid form it is very easy to apply and it does not make your skin oily or sticky. It is water resistant so you can wear it in the rain or while swimming and also while jogging.

2. Gives broad-spectrum protection

Minimalist light-fluid sunscreen gives broad-spectrum protection against sun rays. It has SPF 50 PA+++. So you can enjoy your beach days without worrying about your skin. 

3. Hydrates Skin

This sunscreen not only gives sun protection but also hydrates your skin deeply. The liquid formation of this sunscreen absorbs easily into the skin.

4. Won’t clog pores

This sunscreen will not clog your pores. No matter whether your skin is oily, sensitive or acne-prone it is suitable for all skin types. 

5. Dermatologically tested

This fragrance-free, essential oil and non-comedogenic sunscreen is dermatologically tested and it is safe to use on all skin types.

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