7 Days 7 Hair Care Tips At Home For Healthy Hair Growth
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7 Days 7 Hair Care Tips At Home For Healthy Hair Growth

Want to get healthy hair growth? Then follow these 7 Days 7 Hair Care Tips. Nowadays getting healthy hair growth is very tough and most of us do use plenty of products for hair. But still, we don’t get a good result. But when you are addicted to ayurveda or home remedies you will differently achieve your dream hair. So let us see the Tips.

Still, there are plenty of people who use home remedies for hair. Yes, some people believe in nature and they always use natural remedies for hair to get naturally healthy hair. So even you can try using it for hair to enjoy beautiful hair.

7 Days 7 Hair Care Tips At Home

Day 1: Do a Hot Oil Massage 

Hot oil massage is always great for hair and scalp. Especially if you are suffering from dry and frizzy hair then do not miss to do hot oil massage at least two times a week. Using hot oil for hair and scalp helps to seal the cuticles by adding extra moisture to the hair follicles. And which is very good for split ensa and damaged hair. Hot oil massage also helps to protect moisture in your hair and gives strength to hair roots. So enjoy a nourished scalp and hair with a hot oil treatment. 

Day 2: Take Light Steam

Did you know old people always used to take steam after a head bath, even some people do follow it today? Because taking steam helps moisture to penetrate the hair cuticles and helps strengthen the hair strands. Steam is very good for cuticles. Taking steam for hair helps to fight dry, dull, and damaged hair. It also makes your hair smoother and softer.

Day 3: Use Natural Hair Mask

On the third day, I suggested you use a hair mask for hair. There are many homemade hair masks that you can prepare and apply for hair. One of the best hair masks is a banana and honey hair mask. Because banana and honey hair mask help to retain moisture and prevents the natural oil stripping from the scalp and hair. Also using this mask helps to reduce hair breakage, store the shine, and reduce frizzy and dull hair. So It’s the perfect hair mask to enjoy shiny and smooth hair.

Day 4: Use Mild Shampoo

There are some homemade shampoo available in the market you can use that for hair on the next day of hair maks. Makes sure the shampoo is completely free from chemical. Using mild shampoo helps to keep your hair away from irritation and is also good for hair follicles. The mild shampoo also prevents hair drying, frizzy hair, and hair breakage.

Day 5: Use Home-Made Deep Conditioner

Most people use conditioner after shampoo but when you are using homemade products you can use it on the next day of shampoo. Mix an equal amount of honey and olive oil and apply it to the hair. Wait for 20 minutes then rise it off with water. Using olive oil and honey conditioner helps to lock moisture and which also calms and soothes cuticles.

Day 6: Use Serum

Use rosehip serum for hair. Using rosehip serum helps to retain moisture in dry hair and also repairs damaged hair. It’s also good for split ends. Roseship is full of vitamins and antioxidants which keep your hair and scalp healthy.

Day 7: Keep Your Hair Tied

Last but not least, do not leave your hair open, especially if you are stepping out or while sleeping do not leave your hair open. To avoid hair breakage and splits ends try to tie your hair. 

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