Self Care Saturday - Top 5 Skin Care Tools to Use in 2021
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Self Care Saturday – Top 3 Skin Care Tools to Use in 2023

Have you ever used any Skin Care Tools to your skin? or Do you want to get a smooth and soft skin texture? Then you must need to try Skin Care Tools for your skin. These tools are very easy to use at home , you can use them while watching tv, while chit chatting with family and while relaxing yourself. Let us see which are those tools and how you can use them.

After a hectic week of course your body needs good relaxation. As like your body even your skin and hair needs some extra care because to maintain healthy, glowing and young looking skin you must need to spend some time on your skin care. And the weekend is the perfect time to give some extra care to your skin. Using some skin care tools not only gives relaxation to your skin but also makes your skin smooth, soft and glowing. 

1.Lukzer Smooth Facial Roller

Enjoy 2 in 1 skin benefits with an Lukzer Smooth Facial Roller. This tool relax and beautify your skin at the same time. This roller is created to reduce fine lines, wrinklers, pores and tighten the skin. After each use your skin feels youthful and glowing. The smooth small and big roller helps to cover all your face including nose, under eyes and chin. This is the best roller to reveal the natural beauty at home without any surgical effect.Good thing about this roller you can also use it on your hands and neck. Stop spending money on expensive anti aging treatment and start using this roller to avoid your skin to get aged.

How to Use Lukzer Smooth Facial Roller

  1. Place a large roller side on your chick and with small pressure start rolling it towards your ear.
  2. Repeat 5 to 6 times with the same move.
  3. Then with a small roller side, roll it on your chin, under the eyes and on the nose.
  4. Use it once a week to reveal the younger looking skin.
  • For facial – Bottom up massage
  • Eyebrows – Message from the middle to side
  • Around the mouth – Gently massage from middle to side
  • Chin – From middle to side
  • Under the eyes – From outside to inside
  • Bothe the side of nose – Massage from top to bottom
  • Forehead – bottom up massage
  • Eyelid – Outside to inside

2.Vega Black Head Remover

Blackheads occur due to many reasons like due to pollution, dirt, excess oil etc. But blackheads on the nose and chin may spoil an entire look so to avoid that you must need to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads. Some people use face masks, peel off masks but some will be scared to use them. So here is the blackhead remover to get rid of blackheads and white heads. So weekly once or monthly twice you can use this blackhead remove to keep your skin away from blackheads and whiteheads.

3.RYLAN Nano-Cure Facial Steamer

Do not forget to take steam once a week. If you want to achieve flawless skin then you must need to take steam at least once a week. Taking steam once a week helps to remove blackheads, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, keeps your skin away from dry and dull. RYLAN Nano-Cure Facial Steamer is one of the best steamers which you can use to give good exfoliation to your skin. This steamer is very easy to use. After taking steam your skin feels fresh and recharged.

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